Luke A

Career Development Period 6

Right Brain

Right brained people are very creative and fun. They express their emotions freely and love things like music or reading.
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Personality Letters

My personality letters were ESFJ.

Extroverted: I focus on outer world.

Sensing: I focus on present and concrete information from my senses.

Feeling: I base my decisions on values and subjective evaluation of person centered concerns.

Judgement: I prefer the destination over the journey.

Personality Color

1:Orange Personality: Spontaneous, Playful, Creative, Cheerful, Energetic, Multi-Tasker.

2:Green: Inventive, Self Sufficient, Logical, Intellectual.

3:Gold: Faithful, Caring, Loyal, Rule Follower.

4:Blue: Inspiring, Enthusiastic, Exciting.

Motivation, Stress, Team Style

Motivation: Achieving my goals and having success in life motivates me. J.J. Redick is also an inspiration to me because he wasn't the most athletic person on the court but he worked to hard to start in the NBA.

Stress: Annoying people that are constantly in my face.

Team Style: I learn by watching and doing.

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A coach is a job I would like to pursue that is tied to my budget.
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Top 3 Career Choices

1.Coach - Instructs children and adults to play a game and manages a team of players. Salary: $71,000

2. Financial Analyst - performs financial analysis for clients

Salary: $76,000

3. Athletic Director- oversees work of coaches and other athletic staff in a program or club

Salary: $90,000

Interveiw Tips

Be well groomed

Dress nice

Firm handshake

Make eye contact

Have confidence

Pepperdine University Waves

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My top college choice is Pepperdine University. This school is a huge academic school set right by the Malibu Beach. Pepperdine is a Christian school. Tuition costs $48,000.

High School

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Graduation Date: May 23, 2020
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"Hard work will eventually pay off."

Pepperdine University: #52

Malibu, California

Private University