Elementary Classroom Apps

Enhancing Education With Technology

#1- Video Science

Video Science is a free app that contains over 70 different videos of inexpensive and easy science experiments that can be done in the classroom or at home. The video lessons are all hosted by science teachers with plenty of background so that students can gain as much knowledge as possible from the experience.

Video Science could be used in a classroom for a teacher to find exciting new science experiments that go beyond the good old baking soda and vinegar volcanoes we all made in grade school. Students could also use this app in the classroom to get ideas for a science fair project that they are planning.


Flashcards is also a free app that allows students to create electronic flashcards on their iPad. With the app you are able to create your own flashcards which can even include images, or you can download flashcards that have been created in several subjects by experts across the world. It also includes interactive "games" which can be played with more than one student at a time to help kids study.

There are so many ways this app could be beneficial in the classroom. For teachers, there is a feature which allows you to keep track of students progress and scores, which also includes a leader board to keep kids interested. Students specifically could use this app as a great study tool in any subject. It's often hard to motivate kids to study for quizzes when they don't see it as fun. With this app, they can study, but at the same time be having fun.

#3-Class Dojo

Class Dojo is another free app that works to connect parents and teachers. It works by allowing teachers to track their students behaviours in classroom- including participation and positive attitudes. Parents can then view their child's progress on the app and communicate with the teacher if they have any concerns.

Obviously this app is designed more so for teacher use than students. This app would be a great way to keep track of the students who may be struggling and need some extra attention, and also a great way to let parents into the loop about their child's school life.

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#4-Splash Math Games

There are several versions of this app, all of which are targeted towards specific grade levels. Some are free, while others may cost money. The app focuses on math, it has a variety of math problems, an explanation for wrong answers, and also a "scratch pad" for rough work. The app also allows for virtual rewards the more you do the math problems, and allows for progress monitoring on the teacher end of things.

This app could be used most effectively in an elementary setting. The kids here could use this app to practice key concepts they learned in school during free time instead of saying they're bored, it could also be used at home as a study tool, or as a tool for a "fun" math class day.

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#5-My Class Rules

My Class Rules is a classroom management app, that helps teachers to keep their classroom under control and teach students positive behaviour principles. How it works is, the app monitors the noise level in a classroom and when it gets too loud the app will let students know that it is time to dial it down and get to work. It also has a feature which allows classrooms to compete with each other to see who is the most well behaved in the school. The students earn points based on how quiet they are, and as they earn points they will unlock new game achievements.

This app could easily be used to keep students aware of their noise level and of positive behaviour. Teachers could have the app projected onto a whiteboard or an IWB, so students could see their progress. This would encourage kids to behave accordingly, while also rewarding them for their positive behaviour and listening skills. It makes it a lot more fun for the kids, rather than having to tell them to quiet down and get to work every 10 minutes.