Life As A Slave


My name is James. My plantation grows tobacco. It's hard working in the hot sun every day. I only have one shirt and one pair of pants.

One room house

I live in a one room house. I live with many strangers. 17 of them sleep with me. I was separated from my mother, brothers, and sister.

The clothes we wore

I have one pair of pants and a shirt. My pants have cuts and holes in them. My shirt has blood on it and dirt to and half of my sleeve is ripped

The things we ate

See that picture up top, that's not what we ate. We got one spoon full of water a day and we had to grow our own food to eat. The food shown at the top is a kings meal to us slaves.

The times in the sun

Every day we we are brought out side to work on the plantation. The heat hurt us badly. Some of us survived the heat, but some didn't. We worked all day long in the hot sun


Long ago when I was a kid I was separated from my mother, brothers, and sister. I was taken away to another plantation with other people like me but not me

By: Landon Robinson