Join the Revolution

The Truett-Wilson Trotskyist Revolution!

Our Glorious Day of Revolution is arriving

Prepare to overthrowing the corrupt, the tearing down of the new Berlin wall, Wealth, or the collection of to much of it. Also prepare for a vote to install a new Supreme Soviet (Parliament), coming on the 1st of May, Mayday.

Truett-Wilson Trotskyist Revolution

Wednesday, May 1st 2013 at 12am

Sendera Ranch Blvd

Fort Worth, TX

Bring your Torches and Pitchforks! *and other farming tools

Agenda (How things will go down)

1.We will collect on the front lawn of the school- 12:00 am

2.We charge into the Administrative offices of the Truett-Wilson and take power in a bloodless Coup d'état- 1:00 am

3.We sent the Corrupt Dictators into the Prisons- 2:00 am

4.We declare the Free Democratic Peoples State of Truett-Wilson- 5:00 am

5.We Elect the Supreme Soviet

6.We, as the Soviet, Elects the Dear Leader

We are the Voice of the Dissidents

We are a branch of the Department of LULZ (Anonymous), madly bent on taking down every corruot government in 'Murica.