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December 16, 2016

This week @ Shepton

12/16 - 10th Girls Basketball vs. McMillen (@ McMillen)

12/17 - 1/1 - Winter Break! All PISD campuses will be closed.

1/3 - Classes resume.

Shepton News

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Holiday Wishes from Our Family to Yours

That Time Of Year

That time of year's come 'round again,

So we wish you all the best.

The joy that comes from knowing you

Makes us feel that we've been blessed.

So we'll share with you our feelings

At this special time of year:

May your holidays be a delight,

Filled with happiness and cheer.

Happy Holidays!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

General Announcements

Students Return January 3, 2017

Students will return to school on Tuesday, 1/3. To start the day, students will report at 9:00 am to their Fall Semester 1st period class where they will receive their second semester schedules. Any student whose first period has changed will then proceed to that new class.


Is your student having surgery , oral or otherwise, over Christmas break? The activity of returning to school often increases their pain over what they were experiencing at home. To keep them pain free at school, please see the medication policy below.

There are times that your student may need medication at school. PISD has a procedure for medication at school.

Students are not permitted to carry medication with them or to have medication in their lockers or backpacks. There are a few exceptions to this rule, and the nurse has to approve all exceptions.

In order for medications to be given at school, the parent must complete a Medication Request form, available online, or your student may pick one up in the clinic. A separate form is needed for each medication. The form must name the medication; designate how much should be given, how often and for what reason. If a larger dose or increased frequency other than that recommended for over the counter medications or the over the counter medication is for more that 10 consecutive days you must include a Dr.’s prescription.

Please send bottles no larger than 3“ tall, as the clinic has minimal storage space.

All prescription meds and open containers must be brought in by the parent, or adult listed on the student’s emergency form. All medication must be in the original container. No expired meds may be brought.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Jan Farmer, Nurse


Attendance Notes

  • Parents may only bring food for their own student.

  • All notes must have a signature – EMAILS are not sufficient.

  • Notes must be turned in within 3 days after an absence.

  • If you are picking up your student early, please send a note in the morning and a pass will be given for the child to be released at pickup time.

Information about Dual Enrollment

Counselors are already preparing for academic conferences that will begin in the spring. Senior High school students have the opportunity to take dual credit courses through Plano ISD and Collin College, which will allow them to earn both high school and college credit for a particular course. 11th graders may take US History and 12th graders may take English 4, Government and/or Economics. Students will be required to register for their Collin College classes and make payment to the college no later than May 26, 2017 in order to be eligible to participate in dual enrollment.

This is an important change from past practice that you need to be aware of if your student is considering dual enrollment. Your student’s counselor will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the process.

Parking Permits

Cars that are parked in the Shepton Parking Lot must have a Parking Permit. Permit forms are available in the Attendance Office for $20 and need to be filled out by both parents & students and returned before you can park at Shepton. Cars without a Parking Permit will receive an Orange Warning Sticker for the first offense and could be towed on the second offense.

Secondary Transfer Online Numbering System for 2017-18

The On Line Numbering System for SECONDARY transfer requests will be available beginning December 12th at 6:30 am. Please find the flyer below for specifics:

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Counselors' Contacts

Jane Clanahan A-C Ext. 27620

Angie Novak D-H Ext. 27616

Christy Maples I-Mo Ext. 27617

Mai Cai-Bosrz Mp-Sh Ext. 27619

Erick Andrade Si-Z Ext. 27618


JoAnn Woodland Ext. 27615


Jane Bingham Ext. 27623

Shepton Telephone: 469-752-7600

Counseling Fax: 469-752-7621

Shepton PTSA/Clubs/Booster Announcements

eNews Subscription Information


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Shepton Community Messenger

Shepton parents and students are invited to join Shepton Community Messenger through Members of the “class” will receive school announcements via text and/or push notifications with the Remind app. Follow the link below to join the class and select your preferred method for receiving messages: