RW Instructional Plan

Updated April 17, 2020

Stevens Scribbles

To echo Mr. Wandrie's statement, our staff members are putting forth a good faith effort on providing the best opportunities for students to be engaged in the learning process in some format. We understand technology constraints, along with emotional needs of our families and students. We truly believe we can gain 100% engagement in the upcoming months through a variety of methods!

The purpose of this communication is to provide you with the basic information on how to access the variety of methods and programs specifically at RW, so below you will find different sections to address many of your concerns. I ask for your patience as we work to provide the best opportunities we can as we all learn together.

While we are not in the office, our secretaries are able to problem solve with you when you call the main number and certainly help address concerns. Please feel free to reach out with questions after reading this correspondence.

I continue to preach that living in the moment, positivity, and getting outside are extremely important for our students' well-being, so keep that in mind as we embark on this virtual learning experience as well!

We are in this together and can support each other! #OtherPeopleMatter #lightningleaders


RW Supporting Emotional Needs

We understand not all students have adjusted well to the closure of schools, and maybe more importantly the social changes as well. We would like to offer support through the following channels.


Students A-K

Mrs. Cheryl Price;; (Ext. 3307)

Students L-Z

Mrs. Michele Tibbitt; (Ext. 3308)

Google Classroom Code: n6f3ucn

Social Work:

Mrs. Sarah Prendergast; (Ext. 4336)

RW Instructional Plan and Schedule

You should have received a detailed letter from Mrs. Bradford, the LCS curriculum director, for how students in grades 6-12 will proceed in their education for the remainder of the year. In summary:

  • All teachers will have a Google Classroom that can be accessed online. (teacher’s class codes)
  • All teachers will post a new activity/lesson/assignment on their Google Classroom every Monday and Thursday, starting on Tuesday April 14th. If the Monday is a school holiday, lessons will be posted the following day.
  • All teachers will have a virtual, face-to-face interaction once a week on Zoom or Google Hangouts. Access to these interactions will be sent to your student through their Google Classroom Account.

RW - Virtual Face-to-Face Schedule

If your specific class is not listed please contact your teacher!

See below

Parents and students should establish routines to ensure the greatest likelihood of students succeeding in this new delivery system.

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District Covid-19 Resources

The latest information and resources about COVID-19 and how it impacts the school district can be found on the district website.

Support During the Closure

All Lapeer Community Schools employees are continuing to work during the shutdown. This includes administrators, teachers, support staff, and paraprofessionals. The first place to go for any questions about specific classes would be your student’s teacher. As a general rule, teacher email addresses are their first initial + last name @ (example Wyatt Stevens is

Please know, as we continue to work to meet the educational needs of our students, additional information will be provided through school messenger, RW Facebook and webpage as well as emailed directly to your student’s school email account.

For additional support with any questions you may have, please contact the main office number at (810) 538-2334 for more assistance. We will be working from the school on a limited basis and will also be checking voice mails from home.

Google Classroom

Most students are familiar with Google Classroom and have currently been accessing these for some classes. If they have currently been accessing these, they just have to login!

If students are joining a class they can go to their @students email and simply click the link OR on this RW Google Classroom Doc one can find the code for each classroom and join!

The video below is an excellent resource.

How to Join A Google Classroom

RW Technology Assistance

We realize that many students may not have technology resources to access the online virtual course work, so here are some suggestions:

  1. Utilize a cell phone to access the virtual face-to-face sessions. While completing the assignments on a cellular device may be somewhat prohibitive, connecting with Zoom or Google Hangouts can easily be accomplished.
  2. If you have some technology such as a laptop but no wireless, the schools are working to amplify our services and many local businesses (any running Spectrum), churches, fast food chains, and library have free wifi in the parking lots (see list). Both Spectrum and Comcast are offering free wifi to students in certain areas. The school buildings and Lapeer District Libraries in the areas below have extended wifi access to their parking lots:

    · Mayfield Elementary

    · CFI (loop)

    · Turrill Elementary

    · Columbiaville

    · Otter Lake

    · Elba

    · Hadley

    · Clifford

    · DeAngeli

    · Metamora

    · LDL Administration Building

  3. If you have wifi but no laptop, LCS can help. We are planning a distribution of chromebooks to families in need, however, we are limited to providing one per family with our limited number of chromebooks. Please contact our Dean of Students, Kent Meister at (810) 538-2334 Ext 3346 or and he will have specifics for distribution.
  4. Ultimately if none of the above circumstances will assist in participating in a virtual format our teachers will be providing printed materials similar in content to the virtual offerings. Please contact a teacher, our secretary, or dean! We will provided Printed Packets! (see below)

Printed Materials

Those that have coordinated with teacher's to get printed materials will find them in the tote labeled "Outgoing" in front of the office entrance in alphabetical order. The office staff will be putting new work in the envelope for pick-up on Fridays.

Please return the work when finished in the same envelope to the tote labeled "Finished." Ensure your child's name and teacher is on the work so it can make it to the correct teacher

Kami Chrome Extension

If you are tired of printing all those worksheets, add the Kami extension to Chrome and you can type or write right on them, any website, PDF, or document and then save into your Google Drive or download from any device!

Zoom/Google Hangouts

Students will access the virtual face-to-face sessions through utilizing Zoom or Google Hangouts dependent on teacher's preference. The codes and links for accessing these virtual sessions are in the teachers Google Classroom only seen by members of the class to ensure the online safety of our students.

The below videos explain how to utilize both systems.

How to Join A Google Hangouts Meet
How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Pearson Connexus Online Courses - Currently Enrolled Virtual Students ONLY

The nature of online courses results in students being required to complete them in the same time frame had the closure not occurred. Mentors for these classes will maintain contact weekly through, phone calls or email regarding student progress. At this point, all tests and quizzes prior to the final exam have been unlocked so that students can work through the course. If there is an issue in completing these courses without access to school devices and internet, students need to contact their mentor teacher.

Grading - Online Virtual Courses

We firmly believe that education is about the process and retention of learning and not just the final grade. Your child received a progress report recently with a letter grade and the teachers are tracking participation and assignment completion through PowerSchool. While the student's final grade will not be currently updated in PowerSchool you can track their progress. Again if your child would like to maintain and improve their final grade, participation and completion of work is essential!

XELLO - Career Readiness for 6th and 7th Graders!

As the closure hit, we were rolling out plans to have students start their career readiness work in Xello at the school. Students can still complete this work by the student logging into their PowerSchool, clicking on Apps, then Xello. The system is fairly self explanatory with lessons set up that vary by grade level.

My own 8th grader has used the system and by going through this process has changed her mind on a future career (and now looking at out of state colleges...not sure if I'm ready for that)! Now is a great time to research colleges, careers, etc.


LCS has purchased a whiteboard and a marker for our 6th and 7th grade students to assist in online learning tasks. Unfortunately the delivery is delayed, however, once they arrive, they will be available outside the office main entrance. These are one per student and I will put out a school messenger upon arrival!

RW Essentials Pick-Up Plan

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Band Trip to Mackinac

We understand the desire to have a solution to not only the money that was put forth for your student to attend the band trip, but also closing out one unknown, however, we are currently working towards a plan with multiple options for participants and working with BrightSpark to ensure this is feasible.

As this comes to fruition Mrs. Fenner or I will certainly communicate the plan.

Washington DC Achatz Pie Fundraiser

We continue to patiently wait for the Achatz Pie Company to reopen for business to notify us when they will be able to provide the pies as we are one of hundreds of schools in the same predicament and we will work on a plan to distribute the pies.


We currently have 110 yearbooks left for sale and 406 students who have not purchased a yearbook. Buy today to ensure your copy before they are gone. They can also contact Mr. Lothrop at if they need help.

Once the yearbooks come in (traditionally just prior to June), we will develop a plan for parents to pick up.

Full Locker Cleanout

I know this is certainly an important topic and I want you to know this is also at the top of our priorities. In the future we will be communicating a plan to clean out lockers, art room, gym lockers, outdoor education materials, and any other areas which meets the requirements of the Executive Orders and the safety of our staff and parents.

5th and 7th Grade Transitions

A specific plan will be communicated with options for visiting the student's new schools. We understand students may have some apprehensions but know that we are working diligently to ensure the student's schedules will be ready and a have a plan to allow for visitations, trying lockers, seeing building, etc. Again all of this is dependent on Executive Orders and the safety of our families and staff!

2020-2021 Student Enrollment/Kindergarten Enrollment/In-District School of Choice

All these materials are found online at the LCS Website.

Rolland-Warner Contact Information

Rolland-Warner 6/7 Campus services over 700 sixth and seventh grade students with a year-round program and traditional program. Students have the option of Project Lead The Way (PLTW), which adds an extra hour to their day, and many other programming options and extracurriculars such as clubs and sports.