Room 113 News November 18th

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Thank You!

Khun Pornthip and I would like to thank the caring, hardworking and amazing parent community for all of their hard work this week and today. The children loved today SO much and each experience filled our hearts and minds. I wish you could have witnessed all of the smiles this week and today!

If you helped in any way this week, thank you!

Our class was so spoiled this week with such a huge variety of snacks from all over the world.

Thank you Janel McNary for organizing all of the snacks throughout the week. Thank you also for the corndogs and our ZUMBA class every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Thank you to Pac's family for sending the Thai custard snacks.

Thank you to Korn's family for sending the toasted rice snacks.

Thank you to Rachel's family for sending the seaweed snack.

Thank you to Kate's family for sending the waffle cookies.

Thank you to Ariana's family for sending the cheese pies.

Thank you to Eri's family for the huge assortment of thai sweets.

Thank you to Rodolpho's family for sending the chocolate balls and empanadas.

Thank you to Peppin's family for the minced pork and rice cracker snack.

Thank you to Ryan's family for sending the all American rice krispie treats.

Thank you to Taewan's family for sending the Korean chips.


This week’s ES dress days - we will join MS and HS spirit dress days on TUESDAY for sports jersey day and FRIDAY for Black & Gold Spirit Dress Day

December 16th - 11:30am early dismissal

Nov. 19

ThaiCraft Fair, 9:00am-1:00 pm (Rajendra Hall)

21 Day Kindness Challenge

Our class kicked off the 21 day kindness challenge. The whole 2nd grade has challenged ourselves to commit acts of kindness every day. We learned about the power of random acts of kindness and how kindness can spread by reading the book, Ordinary Mary's Extraordinary Deed. Students are recording their acts of kindness and we are filling the bulletin board with these "kindness" cards. If you're outside the classroom, take a look. Our class also had a discussion around what are kind things we can do?

- compliment someone

- include someone by inviting them to join

- help someone

- smile at someone you normally don't

- share something

- give something

The list goes on, but an important thing to remember is that kindness is not always giving someone something. Prompt your child to share their kind deeds each night. They say that if you do something for 21 days, it will become a habit!

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Our class has worked hard on our persuasive writing. The focus was on review writing. We started off by sharing some experiences so that we could form opinions about the same things. We watched short animated films and had a smoothie tasting. Students also wrote reviews from ideas they gathered during Ocotober Break. This is the one time during this school year where we focus on structure and write within a certain structure. Our class looked at many reviews and studied the structures to mimic in our own. Students were asked to write one review each day, which proved to be quite a challenge for some. Our class will study and write realistic fiction stories starting next week.

Time, Shapes and Fractions as Equal Parts of Shapes

We are moving into our next unit of study in math. This unit, we will study time, shapes, and fractions. Don't worry if your child cannot easily tell time. This is quite a developmental skill and like reading, telling time clicks at different times for different kids.

In this unit, students extend their understanding of part–whole relationships through the lens of geometry. As students compose and decompose shapes, they begin to develop an understanding of unit fractions (fractions with one in the numerator) as equal parts of a whole.


Shapes are identified and described by their attributes.

Fractions are parts of a greater whole.

A clock is a circle and can be divided as fractions.

Essential Questions:

What makes a shape a shape?

What are fractions?

How can understanding fractions help with telling time?