Weekly Message from Mrs. Owens

September 8th-11th

Teacher Observations

I began observing our probationary teachers this week and boy have I been impressed! We have some fantastic teaching and learning happening at Freedom.

Please remember to post objectives, goals or SWBAT on your board. You should go over your objectives at the start and close of every lesson.

I do not plan on "scheduling" observation conferences with you this year. Instead I will stop by your room during your plan time (within 5 days) after your observation. This is just a time saving idea for me. Looking forward to chatting with several of you soon.

Teacher Sites


ALL teachers should have updated teacher sites by now (using the new google sites). If your site is complete, please send Jessica the link and she will add it to our school website. It is very important that you update this regularly for parents to access information. I will periodically check your sites as well. I want to give a shout out to our 5th grade teachers....their sites look GREAT!


Ash Rj-7

Teacher Appreciation Song- A Song For Teachers - You Have Made A Difference by Ash Rj-7