Tips to Survive in the Wilderness

10 tips to help guide you through surviving in the wild

Make a Fire By Rubbing Sticks

10 tips you should take into consideration

1.If you know where you might me going you should research the place

2.If you are planning to stay overnight in the wilderness you should try to make a shelter and a fire.

3.Hydration is key when in the wilderness because if you don't find water you only have two days to live without water.

4.If you have a positive attitude in tough situations you should thrive well

5.If you locate food in the area, you won't have to worry about hunger

6.If you are in a terrible situation (if you are stranded) you should stay calm, and you'll be alright

7.If you are going to be in the wilderness it is always nice to have someone with you because, if you don't know how too do something they should.

8.If you want to survive longer you should probably need a blanket

9.If you don't want to get sick, you should make a fire so you can cook your food

10. You will most likely be safe in the wilderness if you try to avoid large animals such as bears.