Upcoming Art Classes!

including summer camp dates!!! Yay!

Hi everyone!!

Spring is in the air, and I hope you've had some time to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I'm SUPER excited about the classes I have coming up over the next couple months. Can I just say: fairy gardens, barnyards, middle school #selfies, camp, preschoolers? If any of those topics peak your interest, read on!

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"Grown Up & Me" preschool-aged class! This Friday!!

For any of your tiny wildflowers between the ages of 3.5-5 (before kindergarten) who like to create, check out my "grown up & me" classes! It doesn't have the same ring to it as "mommy & me", but I want to include dads, aunts, grandparents, or any other grown up who would want to come!

FIRST one on the books is scheduled for THIS COMING FRIDAY!!!

"Hens & Chicks on the Farm"

Friday, April 8th


Bring your tiny artist to make a cute masterpiece and fun memories on one canvas with acrylic paint, Mod Podge, sand, glitter, and some other stuff! My canvases I've made with my little wildflower Saylor are displayed proudly in our nest and remind us of the fun times we had painting and creating together! No artistic experience necessary!

-Check out my Saylor sprinkling the glitter on her sunshine in the photo above!

-Both boys and girls are welcome!

-Please arrive about ten minutes early to get settled in before the class begins.

-Remember to wear art friendly clothes... acrylic paint does stain!

-Pre-register by calling/texting Mrs. Morgan at 252.207.6914. Sign up quickly... limited to 6 littles!

$30 per little/grown up combo!

(cash/check only, please)

"Grown Up & Me" elementary school-aged class!

Love the "Hens & Chicks Down on the Farm" and think it would be fun to create with your elementary school-aged artist?? Together, on one canvas, you'll make this cute, springy scene, along with happy art memories! :) Like I said above, "Grown Up & Me" doesn't have the same ring to it as "Mommy & Me", but I want to include dads, grandparents, other relatives, or friends who want to come too.

Saturday, April 30th


$50 per grown up/little artist combo

-Both boys AND girls are welcome (girls aren't the only ones who like to create!)

-For kindergarteners through 5th graders

-Please arrive about ten minutes early to get settled in before class starts

-Remember to wear art-friendly clothes... Acrylic paint stains!


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If you don't know about "fairy gardens", just google it. They are kind of like little doll houses/landscapes for tiny fairies that live in our yards and gardens! And they're So. Magically. Precious. (not just for kids... I'm obsessed!! Healthily obsessed!) I will provide each artist with a sweet little house that we'll paint and decorate with nature supplies, clay, pretty stones, etc, as well as a large bucket of some sort to house our "fairy garden". And LOTS of creative decorating options. We will make the cutest tiny yards you'll ever see with little yard art, fences, ponds, walkways, and more. Let your little wildflowers' imaginations run WILD, as they should!!! This will be a longer class (there's just so much to accomplish!) that will take place on the Saturday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. A portion of the funds made from this class will go back to OBXDIY for providing me with an AMAZING art space with LOTS of awesome opportunities over the past year!!! Thank you Eric!

Saturday, May 28th from 2:00-4:30


Monday, May 30th from 10:00-12:30 (it may go until 1..)

$100 per artist (can be broken into 2 payments of $50 each... one to hold your space, one not due until May 28th)

for kindergarteners through fifth graders

Pictures of Saylor, Violet and my fairy garden coming soon! Just wanted to get this date out to you! Because it will probably be my most favorite activity EVER!

Call/text Mrs. Morgan to sign up:


Middle School "Create Your #selfie" Class!

I love the middle school aged girls SO MUCH and miss them! My candlelight art classes were a huge hit back in the day, and inspired me to be a better person. My next middle school class will be:

"Create Your #selfie!"

We'll used mixed media (acrylic paint, Mod Podge, collage, textiles, nature, and even some sewing) to create self-portraits on a canvas! No artistic experience necessary... Just a desire to be creative! For this age group, creating self-portraits is therapeutic. It's a unique way for them to express themselves creatively and acknowledging physical or personality traits that they love about themselves, in a world where they're constantly (usually quietly) told they're not good enough by people at school, the media, role models, etc.

Saturday, May 14th


$40 per artist

Call/text Mrs. Morgan to pre-register or ask questions! 252.207.6914

Summer Camp Info!!!

I've had SO many people asking about summer camps, so I'm providing the dates below. More info about summer art camps will be coming to your inbox SOON, but here are some important details, if you know this is something you want to sign up for:

Ages 5-8

(must be entering first grade, including homeschoolers)

July 11th-15th

9:00-12:00 each day

$220 per artist (can be broken into 2 payments, one to hold your space, one not due until June 10th)

Ages 9-12

August 8-12

9:00-12:00 each day

$220 per artist (can be broken into 2 payments, one to hold your space, one not due until July 10th)

Ages 3.5-5

Grown Up & Me preschool age "art camp"!

July 25th and 26th

10:00-11:30 each day

$70 total (can be broken into 2 payments)

Send your tiny wildflower with their favorite grown up to create an AWESOME project with unique supplies together at this sweet and special "camp" experience!

Call/text Mrs. Morgan to pre-register or ask any questions about this!!! See some pics below from previous years!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! For reading this email, for your continued support, for your love. I absolutely LOVE what I do and enjoy spending time with your little artists week after week, year after year. They inspire me!! So thank you for sending them to me!!! Call me or text me anytime to sign up for classes or ask questions. I love to hear from you!

With wildflower love,

Morgan Vuyovich

Little Wildflowers Art Studio

All classes are held at the OBXDIY Makerspace on the NE corner of the Kitty Hawk 7-11 intersection! Just west of Hurricane Mo's, north of the Kitty Hawk Post Office. Located on the top floor in the wide building with the green roof that also holds "Interiors" and "Carolina Designs". You'll love the beautiful view of the ocean from the art space!! Call/text Mrs. Morgan to register for any classes or ask any questions.