Learning Without Walls

Ms. Pirog's 4th Grade Class

What's been going on!

Good Evening!

I wanted to send out an update about what has been going on in 4th grade!

We received our 1:1 iPads on Friday. I am excited to finally receive these, because I will be able to send out assignments via email and google docs. We will also be able to use more of kidblog to post reading and social studies assignments!

We started today using our iPads. I sent each learner their math menus and LA menus on their emails. It also allows me to link up sites for spelling words and other math sites. This allow learners to experience so much more.

In Math this week we are continuing working on addition and subtraction and the strategies that we use to solve them. It is important for learners to truly understand the process of how to solve problems using different strategies, instead of the traditional algorithm way(numbers stack on top)! We are continuing to review using word problems, QR codes, and manipulatives.

In LA/Writing, we are studying point of view and adverbs. Their stations allow them to explore these more. In writing we are continuing to write narratives, and focus on making our writing better through stronger words, transitions, main idea, and grammar. They are also meeting with me on Fridays to conference about their writing and set goals for their writing.

In Science, we are beginning our unit of plants. We will be doing a lot of hand on activities, as well as planting a few plants around our school.

In Social Studies, we will continue to study Native Americans and Explores.

Please remember learners need to be reading 20 minutes every night. Continue to check for understanding from them, and ask them questions about what they are reading.

Please also continue to sign behavior calendars. Besides email, this is another way I can communicate little behavior concerns to you!

Learner Led Conferences!

As you have read, Lee will be hosting Learner Led Conferences. This allows learners to focus on themselves, and set goals for themselves. It also allows them to communicate with you and show you what they are proud of.

More information will be coming to you about this. I will send out a sign up shortly. Just know that this is time for you and your learner. While, I will be at the school and watching, I will not be involved. If you need to discuss further concerns about you learner, we will have to meet at a different time after school.

Thank you for understanding and be on the lookout for more information!

Field Trip!

Our first 4th grade Field Trip is planned for November 18 at the Dallas Arboretum. We have admission to the Main Garden, Children’s Garden, and our Adapted for Life labs. This will be a educational yet fun learning experience for your learner. Please look for any updates that I will be emails shortly, once everything is finalized!

Home Fun!

In honor of fall and discussing characteristics in class, I have a home fun assignment that I would like to give out. The assignment is Character Pumpkins! This is something that I love, and I explained it to our learners today and they are so excited.

Each learner gets to pick a favorite character from their favorite book. They then buy a pumpkin, it can be REAL or FAKE(styrafoam, plastic etc.). They can then decorate the pumpkin as their favorite book character! This is meant to be creative, NOT spend a lot of money. They can use anything they find around the house or create! Have fun with this!

Here are a few examples on Pinterest!


There will also be a few assignments that go along with this, that I will be emailing out to you and the learners!

Thank you for taking part in this! I am excited to put these on display!

They will be due October 16! That gives us more than a week!