Arkansas between WW1 and WW2

By: Alexis Splichal

Post War Arkansas

After the WW1 Arkansas and all of America had downtime and this caused new advancements in technology and changes in very many peoples lives.

  • Harvey Couch brought telephone lines into Arkansas which soon turned into electrical lines that provided to all 12 counties.
  • Arkansas also had a new automobile company that produced "the climber" the vehicle The Climber Motor Corporation produced about five a day.
  • Charles Lindbergh also made a stop in Arkansas a few years before his famous solo flight across the Atlantic.

Oil Boom in Arkansas

  • A group called the wildcatters looked for large oil reserves throughout the U.S.
  • The first oil discovery was near El Dorado, Arkansas
  • This town was home to 30,000 residents and 59 oil companies it was a boom town
  • Just northwest of El Dorado, in Smackover another oil reserve was found and this soon became the next boom town
  • Even though oil production decreased it is still important to south Arkansas's Economy

Flood of 1972

  • Residents of Arkansas were promised that the new levees would prevent future flooding along the Mississippi
  • During the flood of 1927 Levees were broke, many people's lives were ruined, animals were killed, many properties were destroyed and more
  • Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana were affected, but Arkansas received the majority of the damage
  • Water was up to 30 feet deep in many Arkansas counties

The new deal

  • When Franklin Roosevelt became president he promised to help people in need
  • He started the new deal this create agencies and government programs to help feed people, provide jobs, and start a healthy economy.
  • This helped many people and Arkansas renew their hope for the future.