Critically Endangered

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The body length of 30-88 cm, tail length is about the same; weigh from 4.5 to 27 kg. They live in forests and meadows. Are nocturnal, hiding during the day in deep (up to 7.5 m) holes or hollows and trees. Motion slow; the fastest of the pangolin (Prairie lizard) runs at a speed of 3.5 to 5 km/h.
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Eat ants and termites. Another food these animals almost never use, which complicates their maintenance in captivity.
Ant-heaps are not only the dining room, but also a kind of "cleaning station". This beast sits near the angry ants and opens scales. The insects are collected under them and start to bite pangolin, irrigating his skin formic acid, but he tolerates it. After a while, pangolin scales quickly presses the body and crushes ants on what purification and ends.
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The threat of extinction.

On pangolin hunting for the purpose of eating in many African countries. In some Asian countries also eat pangolin; Also, folk healers use their scales as a medicine.
World's Weirdest - Pangolin