Dylan Granger Period 1


Interesting Facts about Tunisia

Sports: Watersports are very popular in Tunisia because of the coast, so don't be afraid to jump in if you want to fit in. Soccer is also very popular, it is definately the most popular sport. Holidays: If your hungry Tunisia's the place to go, their holidays include huge feasts. One of the holidays is Eid al-Adha. In this holiday you go to a market ang get a sheep, this is what you will eat. Food: Vegestables are very popular in Tunisia, they put it in stew and pasta. Have you ever tried lamb, in Tunisia they have a delicious selection of lamb that you can eat or put in stew or pasta. Things to do: Did you know Tunisia used to be a World War II battlefield, well that could be something for the family to see. In the south you could see what it is like to live in the desert, how cool is that, well there is something you will enjoy more than that, THE BEACH!! I know everybody loves the beach and Tunisia got a long one.

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Languages Spoken (includes some popular words)

Arabic is the official language in Tunisia, but some business men speak English, Italian or German. Some popular/common words in Tunisia are 'afwan, which means you are welcome and qamar, which means moon.

Type of Government

Tunisia's government is a republic, which means that citizens have the right to vote for who they want to lead them and the President has limited power.

Type of Currency and Exchange Rate

Tunisia uses Tunisian Dinar as their currency. Their exchange rate is 1 Tunisian Dinar equals $0.65 American Dollars.