First Aid & CPR

Connor Charrette

First aid and CPR are necessary skills that have the potential to save lives. The knowledge of first aid practices could help a person from something as simple as a scrape to something life threatening. When CPR is performed correctly it could greatly increase the chances that the victim has to live. This flyer will provide you with tips and statistics of CPR and resources to become familiar with the practices. ¨The people who gave him CPR are what gave him a chance at all.¨ -Dave Cook

-CPR provided immediately after cardiac arrest can double a persons chance of living

-32% of victims receive CPR from a bystander

-If CPR is done correctly it may break ribs

-Less than 8% of victims who experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital survive

-Many victims are healthy and have had no previous heart problems

1. Learn the basics of CPR

2. If possible, take CPR/First aid classes or become certified in CPR

3. If you see a victim undergoing cardiac arrest, immediately call 911, even if not certain

4. Always search for an AED if unable to administer help

5.Continue CPR until help arrives

Q: What does CPR do that helps a victim?

A: CPR is a method used to substitute the heart. During cardiac arrest the heart is not pumping blood so CPR is used to pump blood through the heart and to other parts of the body.

Myth: If I attempt to administer CPR and the victim dies i may be sued by the family

Truth: This myth is false. The law protects those who try to administer aid in an emergency situation.

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