How To: Job Interview

By Brent Lucke, Careers 10

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Before the Interview (What to do)

  • Look into the company and gain background knowledge
  • Know where you are being interviewed and perhaps even who will be interviewing you
  • Plan a route there to make sure you arrive fifteen minutes to five minutes early
  • Dress one level above what you'd be expected to wear at the job
  • Make a copy of your resume and be sure to bring it
  • Wait patiently if you arrive early, if you are more than 15 minute early wait a bit before going inside of the building
  • Be friendly to everyone at the business; security, employees, customers, ect.
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Job Interview Tips - How to Prepare For a Job Interview

During the Interview

  • Greet your employer with a positive expression
  • Make eye contact and greet them with a handshake
  • Give them a copy of your resume if you brought one (which you should)
  • Don't ask about money or benefits unless they bring up the topic
  • Make sure you focus on positives and ask questions only pertaining to the position you are applying for
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5 Common interview questions

  • Tell me about yourself? - Focus on work life and avoid negatives
  • Why should be hire you? - Tailor your answer to the job and make connections
  • What is your greatest strength? - Answer should be something useful to company
  • What is your greatest weakness? - Be honest but don't give one that is detrimental to job responsibilities
  • Why do you want to work here? - Give specifics about the company you admire, and connect skills to potential position
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After the Interview

  • Make sure to sum up your interest at the end of the interview
  • Give a formal goodbye with a handshake
  • Thank them both in person for the interview and by email/letter as soon as you can
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Dress for the interview

  • Dress on level above what is expected for the job
  • Don't over dress for the interview
  • Avoid casual clothing (graphic t-shirts, jeans, worn out shoes, ect.)
  • Look professional and fit for the job
How to Dress for a Job Interview

Interview DONT'S

  • Don't ask for vacations or increased pay
  • Don't answer with vague or off the wall answers
  • refrain from fighting or other annoying habits
  • Don't shine a negative light on yourself
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