The Weekly Jr. Oiler

June 15, 2018

Student of the Month - May and June

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as Student of the Month for May or June: Ian Aguirre-Ruytenbeek, Taylor Barbee, Kianna Barrios, August Berrios, Lena Blankenbaker, Bronson Bowman, Elijah Brown, Michael Caico, Tee Jay Clara, Caden Cunningham, Audrey Dang, Catherine Dosier, Charlotte Dosier, Samantha Ekstedt, Maya Ford, Kylie Francisco, Andrew Fung, Michael Gigliello, Wendy Gonzalez, Alyssa Gorman, Athena Grant, Juliette Guenneugues, Lily Gurdison, Connor Hamilton, Kai-Kaden Holeman, Cheyenne Houston, Anisa Kelly, Celina Kelly, Joseph Kemeny, Cole Kenrich, Alexander Kozovich, Angelina Lopez, Samantha Maag, Ella Matejka, Shannon McFadden, Hannah Mendenhall, Katherine Meschuk, Austin Nguyen, Ngoc-Cat Nguyen, Paul Nguyen, McKenzie Pantel, Tara Reuss, Gavin Rikon, Manuel Salazar, Diego Servin, Maxton Seymour, Joseph Singh, Hayley Slome, Michael Story, Gianna Timmering, and Thomas Tran.

Keep up the great work, Jr. Oilers!

Big picture

One Can Make a Difference!

A few months ago 8th Grade student, Jaana Mantere, made a presentation for Principal Glembocki regarding plastic straws. This was not a class project, but a passion of hers and something she felt strongly about. She prepared a Google Slide presentation full of facts and videos about the harm that plastics have on the environment, specifically our oceans. She even had Mrs. Glembocki watch the disturbing video about the turtle with a straw stuck in his nose!

Jaana pointed out that during lunch at Dwyer, all students are given a packet with a straw, napkin, and spork. She said that she watches the majority of kids throw away everything except for the spork or napkin. She pitched several ideas to Mrs. Glembocki in hopes that a change could be made. Mrs. Glembocki assured Jaana that she would bring these ideas to Food Services at the district office to see what could be done.

This week we heard from the district office that starting next year, both middle school campuses will pilot a plan to remove straws from the lunchroom. With success, all HBCSD will remove them from the packets starting in the 2019-2020 school year. Although plastic will not completely be removed, this is a step in the right direction. Thank you, Jaana, for your passion and persistence. This goes to show that one voice can make a big difference!

Happy Father's Day

We want to wish all the Jr. Oiler Fathers and Guardians a very Happy Father's Day. Thank you for all that you do for our kids! We hope you enjoy your day doing what you love and spending it with those you love!

News and Events

End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremonies

Our End-of-the-Year Awards Ceremonies are coming soon. Students and parents will receive an email through School Loop if your student is receiving an award. The times of the ceremonies will be as follows:

  • 6th Grade Awards - June 20, 8:45-9:45 AM, Auditorium
  • 7th Grade Awards - June 20, 10-11 AM, Auditorium
  • 8th Grade Awards - June 20, 5:30-7 PM, Front Lawn

If you feel that your child has earned an award but did not receive an email, please contact the office prior to the award ceremony.


Students should plan to leave their backpack at home on June 21 and June 22. All books will have been turned in and all class activities will have supplies provided. Thank you.

What's Happening?

June 18 - Knott's Berry Farm Honor Roll Trip

June 19 - 8th Grade Dance, 5-7 PM, Cafeteria

June 20 - 6th Grade Awards, 8:45 AM, Auditorium

June 20 - 7th Grade Awards, 10 AM, Auditorium

June 20 - 8th Grade vs. Staff Softball, 5th lunch

June 20 - 8th Grade Gown Distribution, 2:45 PM, Cafeteria

June 20 - 8th Grade Awards Picnic, 5:30 PM, front lawn

June 21 - 8th Grade Disneyland Trip

June 22 - Last Day of School

June 22 - Promotion, 2 PM, front lawn