By:Omar Bekdache


I feel tired

Oh so tired

I’m so sad why do I get up

I don’t fit in anywhere

Why do I even go on

What’s the point

Nobody truly loves me

Those who say they do lie but who can blame them

I rarely smile the only time I do is when the kids at school bully me because I can’t help but agree with them

Why am I alive

Why don’t I just kill myself

l’ll never have any friends

I never want to get out of bed though my father and mother force me to

I wish I could lie in my bed until death claims me

My parent’s don’t understand me

They ask me why I don’t smile

They ask me why I don’t eat

I laugh

Why should I

Why pretend to be happy when it is lie

Why eat and prolong this meaningless life

What does my existence contribute to this world

My doctor always tells me I need to start living again and I finally replied I stopped living when my brother did.

I died when he died


I woke up this morning feeling tired and sad. I knew right there that something was wrong. I’m supposed to love starting the day yet today I just wanted to lie there and not get up. I forced myself to get up then went downstairs to pour my cereal. Just as I was about to take my first bite I realized I was not the slightest bit hungry. I just ate a lot for dinner last night I thought but I still had my doubts.My parents say “good morning” to me and my little brother but I refuse their hugs and kisses my little brother does the opposite. Disgusting I thought why would you embrace their love. I got out of there as fast as possible and got on my school bus. I waited alone for the bus to arrive. I listened to their conversations I thought to myself what stupid and pointless conversations. As I climbed the stairs onto the bus it took a lot of effort. I reached the top of the 3 step stair case and felt completely exhausted. I sat alone in my seat. When the bus reached my school I went in search of my so called friends. Their humor involves teasing me in a way that seems like bullying. I can never sense if their joking or telling the truth. My friends were not at school yet so I waited alone for school to start. Throughout all my classes I received 7 worksheets and completed 0. I don’t know what’s going on with me I’m an A+ student yet today I cared nothing for school I just lied down and daydreamed or slept while I could. The usual bullies came to where I wait for my mom to pick me up. I’m used to them making fun of me but, today it felt different their words actually made me smile. “Nerd, Loser, Fatty, Poser”. As they said these hurtful words I laughed along with them. I couldn’t really tell why it was so funny I came to the conclusion that I was laughing at their patheticness. My mom picked me up from school and again I rejected her hugs and kisses. As I was sitting in the car on the way home I finally realized why I was laughing. I was laughing because I agreed with every word they said. I got home and locked myself in my room. I slept and was awoken by my father. “Come for dinner” my father commanded. “ Not hungry” I replied. “What did you eat” my father asked. “Nothing” I replied. We ended up getting in an argument about if there was something wrong with me and about my grades. I went to sleep crying. Why I thought, if there is a god why would he put me with a family as cruel as this. A mother who laughs at my dreams, A father who expects me to be just like him, and my little brother. I’ve always lived in his shadow he’s better than me at everything. As I drifted to sleep I hoped that tomorrow would be different. I woke up this morning feeling tired and sad...

Depression Crossword Puzzle


2.Depression causes and individual to experience their daily _____ and life their ____ normally

5.Depression is a more serious sickness hint: another more drastic word for sick


1.Individuals with depression get a lot of these example: Tourette Syndrome and ADD

3.The pink spherical like object in your head which is the main the main source of where depression occurs

4.Depression patients seek _____ when they want to get better hint: Same meaning as assist but different word

6.People with depression may look like they are experiencing this emotion but this emotion is less serious compared to depression


Depression is a common but serious illness. Someone you may know or love may have depression. Depression can prevent a loved one from living their daily life normally. Depression will not go away with time. There are two ways to get rid of depression. one medical pills or drugs which I do not recommend or two psychological help. If you know someone with depression you should seek psychological help for them and keep them away from medical pills

My reason why you should seek psychological help for the individual with depression is because without the help the individuals depression can get worse, last longer, or both. If the individual receives psychological help depending on the level of depression it can get better within months or few years. The doctors may also find that the individual with depression may have other symptoms or disorders that pills and medical drugs do not tell you such as eating disorders, ADD, and sleeping disorders. The doctors can give 1 on 1 help and find out the causes of the depression and deal with them.

My reason why you should not get pills for the depression is because one it is not cost effective. Families around the world pay thousands of dollars for medical drugs and pills and the irony sometimes is that the drugs/pills will not always work. There are tons of drugs and pills out there that are very expensive but, do not always work. Though sometimes they do work with a lot of time and money but, even if the depression goes away the individual may experience depression again or several more times. The only surefire way to make sure the individual does not experience depression again is to stay on the pills or occasionally take the pill which means that even if the individual does not have depression you’d still have to pay for the pills.

People with depression can get better but most don’t seek help after reading this I hope you will convince them to seek psychological help not pills or drugs.