Much Ado About Nothing

By: Rebecca Jacques

Cast listings for a Hollywood remaking of the play are coming in

Hollywood is giving this old time movie a new twist by joining up with the team at Disney to make this movie great for the whole family

Plot: The Beggining

The first big event in the plot of the play in in the beginning. Shortly after arriving in town, Claudio and benedick are walking the streets and talking. Claudio brings up the topic of love when he sees Hero walking and confesses that he likes her. Benedick, on the other hand, begins ranting on how he will forever be a bachelor. This scene in a good introduction to the play and gives a hint of what is to come later.

Plot: Turning Point

The story takes a major change of events towards the middle. Earlier in the movie a plan was enacted to make hero look unfitting a bride to Claudio. At their first wedding, Claudio explodes and he accused Hero for what he believes he saw her do. After everyone leaves, a plan is made to make the truth about what happened be known. Its this point in the movie where everything turns and new courses are made to make the ending of the movie happen how it did.

Plot: The End

The play ends with Claudio and hero married. As everyone hoped, their is another surprise wedding between Benedick and Beatrice. Wrapping up the play, they dance the night away, bad guys captured and everyone happy. This scene is a nice wrap up to the play.


Their are many themes throughout the play that range from gender inequality to lies. On theme of the play, love, is expressed very well through a song. More specifically, the song Ups and Downs by Kendall Payne. It tells listeners how love can be both strong and fragile. Similar to the two unfolding love stories in the play, it tells how love will have its ups and downs but in the end you wouldn't want things to happen differently.

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