Team All Hearts June Newsletter!

Big Things Are Happening!

We are on the Grow!

Wow - Congratulations to all of our amazing designers who have been earning great bonuses in the Something for Everyone programs!!! We have also had promotions, many new designers, and the highest Jewelry Bar averages EVER!!! And just this last week the Nest announced that designers can earn the next quarter Hostess Exclusive, which will be revealed at conference, for FREE by increasing their PV in June $250 more than your May total! I have heard that these programs are just the beginning and we are going to learn many more great new things at conference!!! 2015 is turning into a banner year! Congratulations to all that have set their goals, made a plan, and are working it!

Big Hugs,

Michelle Freatman, Senior Director

Team Freatman All Hearts

Earn the 3rd Quarter Hostess Exclusive FREE!

From the Nest:

Dear Designer,

Want to get your hands on the Fall Hostess Exclusive (valued at $100 USD/$120 CAD retail) before anyone else? Here’s how you can earn it at no cost to you…

Take a peek at the Personal Volume (PV) you earned last month; then, beat it by 250 PV before month-end, June 30.

Whether you earned thousands of PV in May or no PV in May, you qualify for this exclusive offer!

This top secret, one-of-a-kind exclusive will be revealed at convention July 23-25.

This Hostess Exclusive will not be available for purchase and can only be earned through this pre-launch promotion.

Let’s make this the best “J” month ever!

The Nest

Customer Appreciation Events - Re-launch or Rejuvenate Your Business!!!

My customer appreciation event went so well - and I threw it together in a week and a half! Let's put this out there and challenge ourselves to challenge everyone on our team to do a customer appreciation event in June or July!!! I will repost the notes I made about how I invited people, and here are some more details about the event itself.
Again, the key was creating the Facebook event to get excitement going, but personally reaching out to each individual person and previous hostesses to invite them.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The idea of this event for me was to rejuvenate my business and get customer interest going again. If you recall, I put a video out a couple weeks ago saying that because of my surgery, I had an empty calendar for the first time ever and was struggling to get my calendar full. The important thing to note here is I pushed myself - found events and then I thought outside of the box. So many people just say "I can't get any bookings" - well honestly, then keep trying:)
My thought with my business from day one has been that sometimes I have to give up some of my commissions to earn more in the future. (Spend a little to make more) So my customer appreciation event was all about getting customers excited about O2 again, and getting bookings. Also, since many of my customers and hostesses have been with me since the beginning, they had our older style lockets. I wanted to get them to see how far we have come and how innovative our line is now - and to introduce them to Core and our earrings, etc. So, my thought was to entice them to come by posting spoilers of FREE! Free shipping, free gifts, and a $10 gift certificate to be used for the fall catalog to drive fall orders. People will come out for specials and for FREE!!!
The day of the event - I offered:
*15% off chains
*20% off charms, plates and dangles
*they could exchange an original locket for cost to get a twist locket.
*I gave everyone that ordered a $10 gift certificate for the Fall catalog
*Everyone got a gift that was packaged in a Take Out Box with a Cleaning Cloth and a Thank You Note for supporting my Origami Owl business. I gave everyone a Core charm, but you can scale that back to even a charm!
*I got lots of fun treats and made O2 punch (1/2 blue Hi-c and half lemonade).
*It was also a Mystery Hostess Party. Everyone that came got a ticket and then if they brought a friend they got another ticket. If they booked a party they got 5 additional tickets! I also had a sign on the table that said Schedule a Jewelry Bar today and get $40 extra in Hostess Rewards.
Ok - so many of you may be reading this and thinking - she did not make any money! No, I did not really. First - you can tailor this to what you are comfortable with. The retail total of my party before all the discounts was $1300 and orders still coming. Even better - my customers are completely in love with O2 again - just could not get over the difference from where we started. I also got 6 bookings. So - I essentially in one night re-launched my business - got to reinforce my connection with my customers, and have my customer base getting excited about O2 again. I got new customers from guests bringing friends and new exciting jewelry will be worn around town.
I planned this all at the spur of the moment. I decided that I was desperate and just going to try it. What makes you successful in business is never accepting that you can't do it, or it is not working. You keep digging and looking for new avenues until you find something that works. Giving up or stopping is never going to earn you anything. Now a customer appreciation event is nothing new, but this was super serious appreciation shown and my customers are thankful and have always been very loyal. It was a great evening!
So my challenge to you all - pick a date and do this!!!! You are not going to get anywhere if you don't try:) The key again - reaching out personally and then blitzing them with the event to "tease" them with the mystery hostess and gifts, etc! Make it all about them!
I even had the video playing about the 10 ways to use the over-the-heart chain and sold two of those.
Again, you don't have to give away as much as I did - but make it about your guests and spoiling them and they are bound to come! Have fun with it and re-engage your business.
One last thing - remember I keep telling you - for months now - to fill your calendar because good things are coming and you will be glad you did?Well, can you see now why! And here is the thing - there is still two months for you to earn in the Something for Everyone, you can now earn your Hostess Exclusive for the fall, and conference is coming - which means even more goodness is on the way!
Get your calendars filled! There are no computer issues - someone just posted they entered their party in 12 minutes! Business is easy - jewelry bar totals are higher than they have ever been with the new product - and we have MLB now! There are no excuses for business being slow, other than not working your business at this point. Remember why you joined, remember how much money you earn at a jewelry bar, and challenge yourself!!!!! Post below if you are scheduling your Customer Appreciation Event now!!!!
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It is Not Too Late to Take Advantage of Something for Everyone

Our Something for Everyone programs have been paying huge payouts and those that are taking advantage are really seeing business growth!!! All of the details are on the home page of our back office, and please reach out to your mentors should you have any questions or are looking for advice to up your O2 business for June and July! The seeds you plant now will create a strong fall season for you!