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who is the fastest football player ever

Deion Sander

When people think of the fastest football player they think it is a running back but it's not the fastest football player is actually a corner back can you guess what corner back it is yes it is Deion Sanders.Deion ran the fastest 40 in the combine than any one else

Deion Sanders Multy Tasking

Although Deion ran the fastest 40 was a ''defanit stud'' in football some people think he was better at a defferent sport in which he also played can any one guess .yes baseball deion was on the atlanta braves and in football he was on the dallas cowboys and sanfransico 49ers

deion and the jets

So you know how Deion Sanders ran the fastest 40 well it was exacly ''4.27'' seconds the only other person that has ran a faster 40 than that is usain bolt and he is one of the or the fastest person ever and Deion is like the 3rd fastest person in the world and that isn´t football that is all around the world

deion and thoes rings

How many super bowl win does Deion Sanders have I got this from www.ask.com ''former NFL football player Deion Sanders was apart of two super bowl winning teams.during his first championship was with the Francisco 49ers in super bowl xxix in January 1995''.

The Remarkable Deion

So in this story or article I've learned that the fastest football player isn't a running back it is a corner back and that his name is Deion Sanders,I've learned that he has won 2 super bowls,and iv'e also learned that Deion Sanders ran the 40 at 4.27 second and he is the 3rd fastest person in the world,and for the last thing iv'e learned is one of the only people that played football and baseball.
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