Canada vs Trinidad

Canada and Trinidad today and in 2040

Canada's Demographics

Population in 2016: 36,286,000

Population in 2040: 42,478,000

Median Age in 2016: 40.8

Median Age in 2040: 45

Fertility Rate in 2016: 1.6

Fertility Rate in 2040: 1.62

Life Expectancy in 2016: 81.4

Life Expectancy in 2040: 85

Population Rank in 2016: 38

Population Rank in 2040: 50

Trinidad and Tobago's Demographics

Population in 2016: 1,366,179

Population in 2040: 1,340,000

Median Age in 2016: 34.3

Median Age in 2040: 38

Fertility Rate in 2016: 1.79

Fertility Rate in 2040: 1.5

Life Expectancy in 2016: 71.4

Life Expectancy in 2040: 76

Population Rank in 2016: 153

Population Rank in 2040: 160


Trinidad and Tobago currently have 1,366,179 people. The population increase is going to be positive, because the birth rates is going to beat the death rates by over 7000. But it is predicted that it may decline by 1000 if more people start emigrating. Trinidad's population is going to decrease in the future because of its high death rates and emigration. There's a lot of crime, and the death rates are more than half of the birth rates.

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Canada currently has 36,286,000 people. The population increase will be very high, because the birth rates will beat the death rates by over 131,000. If more people immigrate to Canada, the population will increase by more than 240,000. Compared to Trinidad, Canada's death rates are higher because people are older. Trinidad has about 30 deaths a day while Canada has 30 every HOUR. In the future, Canada's population is going to increase but not by a lot.

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