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One Month On The Ground

I feel like my "learning curve" looks more like an arrow pointing straight up. I've had to get over looking stupid, sounding ridiculous, and making mistakes- because all of that is pretty much constant:) One of the hardest parts of transitioning has been my utter dependence upon others. With no language, no housing, and no transportation (until now) I have been at the mercy of team members to shelter me, feed me, guide me, and shuttle me everywhere! For someone who is accustomed to "running the show" as a business owner and a single mom, allowing myself to be deeply cared for has been a truly humbling experience. In gratitude to folks who have been so supportive, I'm dedicating this newsletter to some of the best advice they have given me...
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Death by Distraction

The enemy knows that the greatest threat to spiritual growth is not hedonism, it's distraction. Here are 3 ways he tries to keep me in bondage to it:

  1. Comparison. It's the reason I can never have, do, or be enough. Someone is always more. And I'm constantly striving to measure up.
  2. Noise. Without stillness and quiet, I cannot hear the still small voice within. God's whispers are drowned by the world's shouts.
  3. Action. This is the arrogant notion that I must be productive and reachable at all times. Or it will all collapse. Not a moment can be wasted in mere contemplation.

Here are the questions I'm asking myself:

  • Why do I often compare myself to others? What am I trying to prove? To whom?
  • Why does silence scare me? What emotions rise to the surface?
  • Why does stillness feel uneasy? What am I avoiding with busyness?

My beloved speaks and says to me:

"Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away."

- Song of Solomon 2:10

Wishing you peace in your spirit as you celebrate Thanksgiving this month!

So grateful for your support, friendship, & prayers~

Much Love,