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These are some of the things you NEED to know!

Have you ever thought about some of the things you NEED to know before going into that court room? How about what a Plaintiff or a Defendant is? These are some of the words you need to know before you hit them Courthouse steps!

Plaintiff- The person accusing the defendant

Defendant-The person being accused

Complaint- a report filed from the Plaintiff about the Defendant

Summons- When you must go to court or you will be fined or hunted

Pleadings- trying to plead a case or turn it in you favor

Pretrial Conference- bringing both parties together to try to work something out

Mediation- intervention in an argument

Arbitration-intervention in an argument

trial-when the defendant goes against the accuser in front of a jury

Preponderance of evidence- to determine accuracy of the evidence held against or for the defendant

Verdict-the opinion of the court members and judge

Appeal- to take a case to higher court if unsatisfied