human impacts on the ocean

by:Alizabeth Tibbitts


Pollution is bad for the ocean because, when you leave plastic out laying around it sometimes gets into the ocean or it gets on the beach. This kills lots of animals. When fishers leave their nets or ropes in the oceans it can get dolphins or sharks and other big fish cought and they cant get out and soon die.

The Take 3 is a group of people who help clean up the beaches and ocean to make them cleaner then when they found if.

Oil Spills

Oil spills are bad for the ocean because it can get to the marine animals and it can also get to other animals and kill them. This is how most ocean ecosystems die off.

The NWF is an organization that goes around and helps get rid of the oil from oil spills. They also help the animals affected by these oil spills.


Overfishing is bad because it is how a lot of fish species are dying off.

Greenpeace international is an organization that works to stop overfishing because they believe that when people overfish they are getting rid of food that could be given to people without food.


Eutrophication is bad for the ocean because it can kill the fish and the plants.

There are several ways that people can stop eutrophication. The first way is to use natural fertilizers because the chemicals that are in non natural fertilizers hurts the ocean.

Ocean Acidification

When people use any type of energy it somehow can affect the ocean in a very bad way. Like when people use their cars the pollution affects the ocean. It ruins coral reefs and then fish don't go there anymore.

There are organzations that put old useless ships in the ocean so that they can become reefs for the fish.