Justice Buford


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Buford Family Crest

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What are the responsibilities of your role to the other groups in the feudal system? You must include at least three responsibilities.

The Knights role is to fight and protect our king and fight land. He also had to follow the The Feudal Levy and respect everybody in the social pyramid. The knight also got peasants to work their land and gain more resources to be sold and traded. This would give him and the king money. The knight had to listen to his lord or noble and do whatever they wanted.
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What restrictions/benefits do you receive from the feudal system? You must include at least three restrictions and/or benefits.

We get to have a plot of land and peasants who worked the land for us. However the king told us what to do and where to go and we had to follow his commands. We also could not leave our lord once we pledged loyalty to him.

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What does your daily life look like? Include at least five details about your daily or outline your average day.

1. At dawn the knight would pray and then eat breakfast

2. He next would go practice his war tactics and moves elsewhere on the land

3. After that he would do his mid morning prayers and eat a meal

4. Later on he might go into town and talk with other Knights about their war skills and tactics

5. In the afternoon the knight would patrol the land for people or enemies and hunt for food

6. Next he would pray before supper and then eat his supper in the Manor House

7. After the supper they would sit down as a family and watch some entertainment like music, dancing, jugglers, acrobats, or jesters

8. Lastly, they would have a bedtime prayer and then go to bed

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