Link and Learn Friday

September 19, 2014


The Mailbox - A treasure trove of ready to use materials for the classroom created by educators. Their browsing database is searchable by subject, grade level, type and common core label.

The materials are free and a subscription service is available for only $2.99/mth that gives you access to a toolbox for customizing your own materials, an interactive magazine and more.


DOCSCAN HD - Have you ever wanted a color copy of something but no access to a color copier or scanner? Or maybe you've been at the doctors or salon, looking through the magazines while you wait and come across a recipe or article and wish you could make a copy? Or maybe you don't even have a scanner or copier....Well this APP is the answer.

Open the app, take a snapshot of the printed material you want to copy, adjust the brightness and crop the scan by dragging the grid. Once you save the image, you not only have the option to air print your scan, but you can save it as a pdf, email it to anyone and print it out. I had my doubts because the image on my phone looked so small. I thought I'd never be able to read it, but WOW, it printed a full letter size document and the quality was great. Try it out, its FREE!

Just For Fun

Background burner - This online tool is so easy for editing photographs it might just put Photoshop out of business. This is how it works: You select a photo to upload, wait a few seconds for the burner to do it's thing then select options of the modified photo. The burner then offers options of background deletion from just a small amount of the background to no background at all.

Now, and this is the best can choose a background replacement from a gallery of options or you can upload a second photo to use as the background. You can even move and scale your image.....Woo Hoo this is fun!

Find it at the link below, but pay attention to two boxes with check marks, the first is when you sign up with an account, if you don't want their email updates uncheck this box and then the second one is when you get to the download screen for your new modified photo, uncheck the box to not save it to their online gallery, especially if you are using personal photos. That's it! Have fun...