Distributor and Agent Wanted!

for "BAOJE " Micro Boring Tools system from Taiwan!

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Our Strengths and your Advantages:

a. Custom Design : Special made to order, on time delivery and being so flexible to satisfy your needs.

b. Reasonable Price : very competitive price with world branded company and respect and honor our customer.

c. Market Segment to Micro boring tools: 0.3mm~6mm sizes products, cover the full range sizes in between.

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We are looking for qualified agent/distributor NOW with very friendly terms and conditions.

Stretch out to it then success will come to you. Please contact me...


1.BAOJE accumulated 30 years experiences from OEM business of precise machining, we understand well what kind of boring tools shall be built and when them shall be on shop floor.

2.Thanks to CNC tooling machine by our own brand, design and assembly by BAOJE, the price we offered is very competitive in the marketplace.