Georgia's Historic Lands

By: Robert Wang, Vincent Huang, and Sid Nair


Take a trip into Georgia's heart and discover what kind of treasures Georgia can offer. Visit Athens and re-energize your mind and body, go down to Macon and visit a classic concert or explore the Mark Smith Planetarium, take a quiet stroll into the quaint city of Milledgeville, the Antebellum Capital.


The Classic City

Have you been feeling down lately? Maybe less energetic than you used to be?

Well, you're in luck! Welcome to Athens! This lively college town is the perfect place to have fun and have a great time. The vibrant restored-Victorian architecture only adds to the dynamic mood. Athens has an immeasurable amount of restaurants, shops, and other buildings. Many also visit a concert; the magic that created R.E.M. and the B-52's are still working!

A Place to Visit: Georgia Museum of Art

The Georgia Museum of Art is both a university museum at the University of Georgia and the official state museum of art. It officially opened in 1948. The museum is located on the East Campus of UGA, in the Performing and Visual Arts Complex. The founder of the museum is Alfred Heber Holbrook.

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The Soul of The South

Macon is known as the "Soul of the South", and for a reason! Macon is known for it's sweet music, and has many different types of music. Come visit!

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A Quiet Old Town With History

Greetings from the quaint little town of Milledgeville! Milledgeville was the old capital of Georgia from 1804-1868. However, when the capital was moved to Atlanta, many people left and Milledgeville became less busy. However, you can still come and have a nice, relaxing trip here.Oncee lake being near the town made the location a great place to establish a city.

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As you walk down the stone paved path in Milledgeville, you may notice a variety of species. You may see the southern flying squirrel. They are located all over Georgia. They are gray in color, and have black and white stripes on the bottom. These small mammals are really a wonder. They can glide up to 30 feet, and can rotate 180 degrees mid-flight! they eat nuts, berries, fruit, insects, and eggs.

Blanton Winship

Blanton Winship was an American military lawyer, and a veteran of Spanish-American war and World War I. He also served as Judge Advocate General of the US army and Governor of Puerto Rico. Blanton Winship was born in Macon, Georgia on 1869. He received a law degree from UGA in 1893, where he played football for a year. He passed away in 1947 at the age of 77 in Washington D.C, he rests at Rose Hill Cemetery.

Demography of Historic Heartland



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Milledgeville Civil War History

Georgia passed the Ordinance of Secession and on February 4, 1861, Georgia joined the Confederate States Of America. On November 1864, Union General William T. Sherman and his troops marched into Milledgeville. When they left a couple of days later, they had ransacked the place, leaving a trail of destruction behind, leaving the southerners to rebuild.

In 1868, during Reconstruction, the legislature decided to move the state capital to Atlanta, a city symbolising the New South as Milledgeville symbolized the Old South.


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