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December 2021 - Middle School and High School

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Our vision with this newsletter lies in showcasing the great things our students and staff are involved in at the Middle school and High school.

From the Desk of Mrs. Christensen:

Grades -- With the 1st Semester ending on December 22nd, there are few short weeks left of the grading period. I encourage all students to check their grades and talk to their teachers about what needs to be done in order to improve grades before that time. Use these last few weeks to make some improvements and ensure you are earning the credits you deserve. If there are any concerns or questions, I encourage you to reach out to the teacher of that class.

Holiday Entertainment -- We have entered the holiday season and this is a great opportunity to attend one of the concerts scheduled throughout the year. The following concerts are scheduled in December and will all be held in the Auditorium. Take advantage of these opportunities to support our E-Hawks!

  • December 4th - High School Holiday Pops Concert 7:00 p.m.

  • December 14th - 7th & 8th Winter Vocal Concert 6:00 p.m.

  • December 14th - High School Holiday Concert 7:00 p.m.

  • December 16th - 5th & 6th Band Holiday Concert

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Family Consumer Science Classes Learn the Realities of Parenting

Photo above: Front: Iowa State students

Back: Ty Morton, Dawson Weir, Raegen Swanson, Brynna Ludwig, Bayleigh Theesfeld, Breanna Henricksen, JayLynn Manwarren

April Moffit's Marriage and Family Class, along with her Parenting Class, just finished up a 10 lesson curriculum called Parenting: It's a Life, taught by Iowa State University graduate students. The students from Iowa State came once a week and taught a lesson focused on decision-making responsibilities across the life-span. Lessons dealt with emotional, social and financial realities of being a parent.

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Ongoing Mutual Fund/ Budgeting projects

The seniors in Mark Klaus' Economics classes are learing about making long-term investments and budgeting. Each students had $1,000 (fake) money to invents in mutual funds. As they decided where to invest their money, they created budgets to determine if they had money to invest. Each budget was based on a game-like situation similar to Life or Monopoly; and just like the roll of the dice or the draw of a card, students experienced situations similar to real life - car accidents, theft, weddings, children and all the expenses that go along with these events.

Photo above: Shalaki Soukup continues work on her Monopoly board.

Olivia Chism reflected on the process, saying, "If this were real life, I would be more vigilant. I would definately do more research on the companies and the market trends."

Tyler Stokes thought about the risk versus the reward of investing. Stokes said, "The longer you leave money in the markets, the more returns you'll see." He also thought the whole experience was pretty eye-opening. Stokes said that he really should start an emergency fund and a savings account for those needs that arise unexpectedly. He also said that the learned a little about paying for tuition and applying for scholarships during this unit.

December Students of the Month

These students showed great E-Hawk Pride, character, academic achievement or improvement, leadership, among other things. Congratulations.

Photo 1 Below: HS December - Bella Winter, Nic Lowe, Derek Lawson, Tyler Albrant, Mason Manwarren and Carson Hoffman. Missing: Gavin Franker and JayLynn Manwarren

Photo 2 Below: MS December - Left to right: Drake Heim, William Wiley, Evan Simonson, Caroline Burdick, Emmy Dooley, Isaac Strohman, Nick Saxton, Landen Hoogeterp

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