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OCR Data

In preparation for the licensed staff meeting on Tuesday please read the following article.

We will be reviewing our data related to suspensions and talking about causation factors, steps we have taken to make changes and opportunities to explore other ideas to improve the engagement of our students.

Minneapolis Public Schools is upgrading our email to Microsoft Office 365

This is not a SPAM message- The District will be upgrading to the cloud based mail system. As they are doing this there may be people in other buildings who may not have access to your Outlook Calendar as it will now be on the cloud. Once all buildings are moved to the cloud we should be fine.

The planned upgrade for Wilder will be completed the morning of April 9th, 2018. Both IT Services and Design & Training teams will be onsite that day to help with any eMail questions.

We will send a communication to staff that are getting upgraded, we will also put a one page handout explaining the upgrade in the staff's mailboxes at the school.

Counselor News

Accuplacer TOMORROW

The Accuplacer testing date for April is TOMORROW, April 10th. The test will be administered 1st, 3rd, and 5th hours in the mac lab.

PSEO Priority Deadline

MCTC has a new priority deadline of April 15th for PSEO. Student who don't have the test scores yet or are not sure if they want to do PSEO can wait to apply by the July 1 deadline, however, students who know they want to do PSEO may want to meet the priority deadline. The main advantage to meeting the priority deadline is students get to pick classes earlier (before some classes fill up) and they can complete orientation earlier. Students can still submit applications up until the final deadline of July 1 but it is an absolute, final deadline. Student can make an appointment to complete the PSEO application with Britt.


The Power of You priority deadline has passed but students can still submit applications until April 25th. Students can make an appointment to complete the PSEO application with Britt.

Mental Health Team Tip of the Week:

The Healthy Mind Platter contains seven essential mental activities necessary for optimum mental health in daily life, according to Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. David Rock.

We covered sleep, physical time, and focus time in recent weeks.

Today we're highlighting Connecting Time. When we connect with other people, ideally in person, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain's relational circuitry. Hopefully everyone had opportunities for connection over spring break!

The following link has great info on how to connect with others, especially in the midst of social media. You could share this with your students!

Stay tuned for more info on the fifth essential activity next week - or check it out for yourself:

Technology Reminders

Please Remember to have all of your technology locked up with the lock in place when you are out of the room.

Please do not give students the combinations to the locks on the technology carts.

Please remember to turn the dials on the locks so that students can't figure out the code.

Food Service News!!!

Wednesday Staff Lunch:

Salad Bar


11:30-12:50 C183

Specialty Cookies BIG!


All kinds of add-ins: chocolate, coconut, walnuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, white chocolate, peanut butter, raisins, oatmeal, kitchen sink

Choose one that’s already made or put in an order for what you want.

Transgender update from the District

As Minneapolis Public Schools continues to work toward equitable and inclusive learning environments, we’ve made an important update to our Discovery system and you may notice a change the next time you log on.

Students (with a signed permission slip from parents) will now be able to change their preferred name and gender in Discovery. This change will provide a better system for our transgender students and students who may not go by their legal name.Parent Signature is only needed if they are under 18. If the student is their own legal guardian they can sign off themselves.

This change will impact any non-legal system, such as class rosters; legal documents will remain unchanged.To learn how to process a name or gender change in Discovery, we have a detailed walkthrough available on The Source . Non-Binary is listed as a preferred gender option.

Please take a few moments to visit the training link to familiarize yourself with the process. The Name Change Request Form can be downloaded from The Source training page, as well.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Bucklin at

Thank you for your work in making safe and inclusive schools for all students.

Interview and Select

T Plus currently has four positions open for Interview and Select
  • 2 High School Work Coordinator Positions
  • 1 EBD Teacher position
  • 1 DCD (team 1)Teacher position

I would like to prepare for 3 interview teams that would be available May 1 & 2- 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at Anne Sullivan

Each Team would have an opportunity to view potential candidates and provide me with recommendations April 26 & 27

Please let me know if you would like to be on a team, specify which one.

Planning for Next Year

In planning for next school year I would like to hear from each of you re: requests of assignments for next year. This is your chance to have some say in your placement for next year. We will try to honor as many requests as possible but we cannot ensure everyone will get what they want.

Final staff placements will not be complete until back to school week for staff - depending on scholar and classroom needs

There are many factors that go into the staffing of each classroom that we take into account including ensuring gender balance, diversity, staff strengths, scholar needs, ESP job classification (each SEA is hired to work with a certain disability area), teacher prep times and much more.Planning for classroom and program staffing usually takes multiple days because of the various puzzle pieces.

If you are a licensed staff and would like to make requests for SEAs click here

If you are an SEA and would like to make a request for next year click here

Preparing for the Move

There were only two classrooms that identified items they wanted moved to the new building. District staff was here over break to identify items to move. Those classrooms were notified what would be moved and what would not be. If we need furniture/storage solutions please reflect that on the spreadsheet or have a conversation with Daphne.

Thank you to those who took the time to identify items they wanted moved.


Reasons Why Keeping Accurate Attendance is Important:

  • Research tells us that good attendance leads to improved achievement.
  • Good attendance is a skill important for students to master for future success in employment.
  • County social workers, probation officers, advocates and others may call to see if a student is present to meet with them. Many times, it may be marked to indicate the student is here, but when the person arrives, we learn the student wasn’t here at all that day. If accurate attendance isn’t take it is ard for those trying to observe/meet with students to find them.
  • Social workers are asked to document student attendance for benefits, probation officers, Hennepin County Human Services, daycare, and public housing; so correct attendance has impact on student’s benefits, finances, housing and legal issues.
  • MPS has a district wide goal for increased attendance and looks at our attendance data.
  • Not everyone is taking attendance for every class on a daily basis-records default to present if something else is not indicated.
  • In considering whether to do a 15 day drop, in looking at attendance records, we see that a student is intermittently marked present for 1 class period. Is that accurate?

Your Responsibility as a Teacher Regarding Attendance

1. Every day for every class period, you are expected to take attendance for all students. This includes advisory.

  • If a student shows up on your roster and you don’t know who they are, mark them absent.
  • If a student shows up in your class and is NOT on your roster, check with a social worker, the counselor, or engagement team.
  • If a student has an altered schedule (only comes for part of the day due to work, or only comes alternate days etc.), make sure their schedule accurately reflects this. If a student gets a job and is going to be regularly gone, the schedule should be changed to reflect this.

2. If a student tells you they will be absent for some reason (working, doctor’s appointment etc.), it is your responsibility to email Melissa for proper coding of the absence.

3. If the student is going to be at an off-site training (e.g. PCA training etc.) communicate with Melissa as this is marked as an alternative activity, not an absence.

4. If one of your advisees misses 3 days of school in a row, it is your responsibility to contact the student (or have support staff assist in doing so) and document the contact in EdPlan contact log. Your Relationship with the student is critical in improving student attendance.

Reporting of Attendance -

  • Teachers should take attendance every hour every day. Reports will be generated and discussions will be initiated when attendance is not recorded in Gradebook.
  • Use correct codes. You should only use U for absence, Q for unexcused tardy, L for excused tardy.
  • Students who are out ill or due to an appointment, will be marked out accordingly by Melissa.
  • Consult with Melissa for the following, or for any other concerns or input – Using an attendance code other than U, Q, or L
  • Students who are out ill or due to an appointment, will be marked out accordingly by Melissa.
  • All student updates, if you get calls/emails/notes, etc. regarding the reason for a student absence, let Melissa know.

Student self-reporting on attendance

  • All demographic changes – address, phone # contact info. We want to be sure that we have the most correct emergency information as possible.

Printed instructions on attendance recording for teachers is available in the mail room if you need it.

Site Council

We are attempting to get a stronger family and student voice on the T Plus Site Council.

Please reach out to your students and/or their parents to see if their is an interest in being a part of this advisory group.

We also would appreciate 1-2 SEAs on the Site Council.

Please let me or Maryann Sulik know so we can invite them to our final meeting in May.

Staff News

Welcome back to Melinda- She just completed her student teaching- Congratulations!

Pamela will be moving to the Engagement Team.

Upcoming at T- Plus

April is Autism Awareness Month

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week- Review this document with your students

Monday--------- Final Budget Tie Out

Tuesday -------- Licensed Staff Meeting - 8 am- Auditorium


Thursday------- ECBC Meeting @ MDE 12-3 pm

Friday ----------- ILT Meeting - C 205 - 8 am

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Autism Awareness

April is Autism Awareness Month. Please check out the information below.