Velcome to Our Country, Ve Vant to Suck Your Blood

Welcome to Romania, the Home of Dracula!

The Basics

Romania is located in the southeast portion of Central Europe. It shares borders with Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, The Republic of Moldova, and the Black Sea. It has a temperate climate, like northeast U.S., with four distinct seasons. The weather is also similar to northeast U.S. with an average rainfall of 26 inches. Springs usually have cool mornings and nights and warm days. The summer has warm and longer sunny days, with the ability to reach 100 degrees F. Fall is full of colorful foliage and is dry and cool. The winter is cold with large amounts of snowfall. Romania is made up of mostly forests and mountains, the mountains include the Carpatian Mountains(also known as the Transylvanian Alps). The Danube River also ends its eight country path in Romania at the Black Sea, forming the Danube Delta, a very large and biodiverse wetland.

How to Fit In

The language spoken in Romania is Romanian. This consists of Latin roots mostly, but also Greek, Slavic, And Turkish inspiration. Age and position are valued in Romania, making the elders well-respected. The family is the foundation of social structure also. Romanians are known for their strong need for privacy, not giving trust readily. Romanians find respect to be important, being polite to others to show this. One taboo that should not be committed has to do with dinner invitations. You should not be over fifteen minutes late and are expected to take off your shoes if others did the same thing. Gifts are usually expected, and received graciously. When bringing flowers, always bring an odd number of flowers, even numbers are reserved for funerals. One value to the Romanians is their religion. 70% of Romanians are Eastern Orthodox, so these beliefs carry into everyday life for most.

Digging Deeper Into Culture

Romania is split into subcultures by the separation into different states and provinces. It is also spit into different political parties, including the Liberal Democratic Party, the Social Democratic Party, and the National Liberal Party. The architecture consists of monasteries, churches, synagogues, castles, and palaces, some dating back to the twelfth century. Literature that is popular dates back to the early ballads and folklore, the most popular being the tale of Dracula. Romania tends to be a poorer country and does not have many cars, but they are able to spread dome ideas through the internet. Their most popular sport is football(soccer in America). The culture has changed recently, including the change from communism and more rights for women. Communism helped to bring about more legal rights and jobs for women. This kept up even after the overthrow of the Communist government in the 1990's.

Blacula: "Dracula's Soul Brother, Deadlier Even Than He."

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