AEC/ECYC English Department

What to expect this week, September 19-23.

Upcoming Meetings


We will meet during 5th period in PB 16 on both Tuesday, September 20th (PLC) and again on Thursday, September 22nd (Department) to complete the webinar on scoring short answer responses and essays in preparation of the Unit Assessments.

Unit 1 Assessments

Our Unit 1 Assessment window is September 22-28. Please plan accordingly since we have Phoenix Challenge on Friday, September 23 during 7th and 8th periods. Also, please thank Angel when you see him; I believe he has already provided us with exams in our boxes in the teacher's lounge. If you have any questions or concerns about copies of exams or student answer documents please get with Angel as soon as possible.

The Unit Assessments will only count as daily grades. They may not count as a six weeks test grade or exam grade.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Instructional Calendars

Second six weeks, Unit 2A and 2B


I would like to work with each of you either one-on-one or in our team meeting to work on the next instructional calendar. We need to create them in order to keep us aligned with the YAG because we must follow it with fidelity. It also ensures that our students will be learning everything that they will be assessed on for each unit assessment created by our district. Although it may not be something we look forward to making, it will only help us and allow us to see where our team is at and help one another. Finally, it may count as evidence on our new evaluation T-TESS.