Downfall of the Nazi Party

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The Beginning of The End

It took the largest war in human history to bring about the downfall of Nazism. The invasion of Poland in September 1939.

Downfall of The Nazis

December 16,1944

The Germans began their last major counter offensive of the war, as three German armies surged into the Ardennes Forest, dividing the Allied front with the ultimate goal of retaking the Belgian city of Antwerp. This time, Allied intelligence failed to intercept the German plans, and the action was a complete surprise.

November 20

Hitler himself retreated, abandoning his staff headquarters at Rastenburg along the Polish-German border and relocating to Berlin.

The Big Three

They came to be called, discussed their strategy for the last stages of the war. They agreed that Britain and the United States would provide bomber support for Soviet troops fighting along the eastern front.

April 16, 1945

Just days after Roosevelt’s death, the Soviets began their final offensive against the Third Reich.

Hitler commits suicide,The End

Hitler commits suicide (April) In a bunker.

Third Reich collapses May 7 after signing formal surrender.

Surviving major Nazi leaders are tried at Nuremberg, and most of them are executed (November).

The Nazi regime came to an end after the Allied Forces defeated Germany in May 1945, ending World War II in Europe.


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