Video Downloaders

Offline Solutions

Need to embed a You Tube video?

Downloading is a great idea when students need to access videos at school but are blocked from You Tube. Here are 2 options that will allow you to download from You Tube. You can then keep the videos in Drive and share out links, or you can add the videos as files into Classroom. These change a lot! You Tube works very hard to keep their content on their site, so this Smore changes from time to time.

#1 KeepVid

At KeepVid, you will paste in a link to the YouTube clip you'd like to download. Underneath the thumbnail that loads for the video, choose the option you'd like to download. I recommend Download MP4 (Max480p). Access the website here:

#2 ClipConverter

  • Go to Clip Converter
  • Paste in your link from You tube
  • Choose the Format
  • Download