Thomas Mifflin


Life of Mifflin

Born in September 1744 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His parents were Alderman John Mifflin and Elizabeth Bagnall. He was a fourth generation quaker. He was the son of a rich merchant and local politician. He studied at Quaker school, and then at the college of Philadelphia. He got his diploma at the age of 16.


"With wonderful art he grinds into paint for his picture all his moods and experiences, so that all his forces may be brought to the encounter. Apparently writing without a particular design or responsibilty, setting down his soliloquies from time to time."

What he did?

Although wealthy most of his life, Mifflin was a lavish spender. Mifflin championed the colonial position against the crown. In 1774 he attended the Continental congress. while doing that he helped raise troops and in May 1775 he first became a Aide-de-camp to Washington then Quatermaster General of the Continental Army. Late in 1775 he becamea colonel and in may 1776 brigadier general. He took part in the battles of Long Island, NY, Trenton, NJ, nd Princeton, NJ. He convinced many men not to leave the military service.