My Transcendentalist Journey

To Churchill, Manitoba


Transcendentalism is a philosophy that thought and spiritual things are more real than ordinary human experience and material things. I took this idea to heart and I now want to discover my true self, rather than strive for wealth and material objects. I plan to embark on a transcendentalist journey to Churchill, Manitoba which is known as the "polar bear capital of the world". Polar bears have been an endangered species for a number of years and I want to put an end to this endangerment and help conserve the species. The town holds various programs that look to conserve the polar bears species by moving them farther north to prevent them from hurting residents of Churchill and to prevent residents from hurting them. I want to assist these programs to help conserve the population of polar bears and do something better than myself and strive for a bigger purpose in life. As well as looking to assist the polar bear population I will be visiting various other landmarks within the Manitoba Providence. Since Churchill, Manitoba is only accessible by plane I will do the majority of my transcendental journey within the area of Churchill and explore the one of a kind landmarks this town holds. I have strived my whole life for wealth and material objects, but my recent paradigm makes me realize there is so much more to this world. There is so much to see and so much to do that cannot be purchased or possessed through currency. So on this journey I plan to not only save polar bears from extinction, but to save myself from being corrupted by the ideals and norms of society.

The Great White Bear Tours (Day #1)

Thursday, Dec. 19th 2013 at 10am

Churchill, MB, Canada

Churchill, MB

The Great White Bear Tours is a tour organization established for tourists to view the polar bears who reside outside of the town. I will at the tour around 10:00 am and ride in a custom polar bear rover, which is an off road vehicle that is a school bus with monster truck tires. The rover is structured just tall enough to prevent polar bears form harming tourists and for tourists to perfectly view these luxurious creatures. This company has provided tours since the 1990s for tourists to view the polar bears in the "polar bear capital of the world". I wanted to go on this tour to view the polar bears safely and without the threat of one of the polar bears placing me in a state of harm. The tour will expose me to seeing these creatures in their natural habitat just as if I were a diver in a shark cage viewing the sharks swim freely. I have always been fascinated with polar bears, their intelligence and their build. I have never seen a polar in person not even at a zoo, so seeing this animal in person would be monumental. The overall experience of this trip would be a one of a kind experience that would expose me to an aspect of nature not exposed to most people from the Midwest.

Prince of Wales Fort (Day #2)

The Prince of Wales Fort was built in 1610 on the coast of the Hudson Bay and was established to assist in the fur trade and in the overall exploration of the "new world". The fort is designed into a star shaped is right on a gulf that has a one of a kind of view of the Hudson Bay. This fort is a piece of architecture that is one of the most well-known in Canada and is one that is very unique. I want to travel to this fort to see the view that this fort holds as one can see the Hudson Bay for miles even if it is the winter season. The Hudson Bay is populated with polar bears populating this bay as they attempt to find food and travel. The Prince of Wales Fort holds so much history to it, since it was built in the early 17th century and it was built to regulate and assist the European's fur trade. This fort was one of the first settlements not only in the Canada area, but on the continent of North America by an individual from the Western Hemisphere. I want to have a first hand view of this historic piece of architecture and learn more about it. I will first see the outside of the fort and view the surrounding nature that embody this piece of historical architecture. I will then view the inside of the building as it takes me back to the 17th century and makes me feel as if I have taken the position as a fur trader. I feel that doing so will deepen my understanding of this remote area of Canada and it will help me in my finding of my inner self. I will become one with this piece of architecture and learn things about myself not previously known.

The Eskimo Museum (Day #3)

The Eskimo Museum was opened in 1944 by Catholic missionaries to spread the historical significance of the northern culture. I have always been fascinated with the lifestyle of the northern culture who settled in Canada hundreds of years ago. The way they acquired their food, how they lived off of the land, how they made all of their clothing by just using materials off of the land and with their bare hands. I have always been fascinated with this way of life by becoming one with nature and finding my inner self. Society today is so deemed on acquiring the new cars, the new televisions, or the new smart phones. These pieces of modern technology are crumbling society as people are not seeing life the way they should. People are not striving for contentment with themselves, rather they are just striving for financial success. I want to go to this museum to see their hand made kayaks, their one of a kind clothing, their arrowheads, and the intricate scenes hand carved into stone describing their lives. When I go to the museum I will be taken back in time hundreds of years ago to the life of the northern culture. I will see everything they had to experience and how they survived the brutally cold weather and terrain. I want to go here to learn the ideas of these individuals and how they were able to survive off of the land and how they were successful in doing so.

Wapusk National Park (Day #4 and Final Destination)

Wapusk National Park was established in 1996 and is located roughly thirty miles north of Churchill, Manitoba on the shore of the Hudson Bay. This park is home to Cape Churchill, which is known as one of the best places in the world to view and photograph polar bears. This national park protects one of the world's largest polar bear maternity denning grounds and is roughly 4,500 square miles in size. This area is notorious for northern lights from the months of August to November and is a very elegant sight to see. I want to travel to the Wapusk National Park to explore the rocky terrain and view the polar bear populations first hand in their natural habitat. This park was established only twenty-five years ago, so the park has various sights to see that are not notorious to most and will not be filled with many tourists like most National Parks throughout the United States and Canada. I want to end my journey here and resort on the outskirts of the park and away from the Hudson Bay to prevent having a negative affect on their population and on their way of the life. The park rarely has tourists and the sights are beautiful and rarely seen which attracts my want to reside here for my final destination

Conclusion of Journey

This journey will be a major paradigm shift to my outlook on life and to my perception of life. Becoming one with nature by assisting in the control of the population of the polar bears. Discovering the ways of life for the Eskimos who resided in Northern Canada. Exploring the Prince of Wales Fort to see the primitive ways of life for the early fur traders who traveled to Canada for profit in the 17th century. Residing in Wapusk National Park to become one with nature and reside in an area of peace and tranquility and away from the cruelties of contemporary society. I will live a simple life that revolves around survival rather than money and attempting to earn the respect and infatuation of others in society. This journey will be life changing and it will adjust my perception of the world for the rest of my life for the better and I will learn to appreciate the little things in life, rather than just focusing on the big things.

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