Hello, I come from a farming family who owns only a small piece of land in Western Massachusetts. Wee only have enough to feed ourselves but still enough to sell in the nearby town. Sadly our crops failed last year and we are badly in debt, we bought food and I got a new plow with the money we borrowed. And to top it all off our state taxes are very high. Every one in my family risked their lives to fight for our freedom.In our desperation I and 1,000's other took matters into our own hands. We were armed with muskets,sticks,and swords. We demanded that government cut taxes and put the money into circulation. If all men are indeed created equal then why are so many of them such big money owners and some of us poor debtors.


I am a tobacco planter. I live in Virginia and my family own 30 native american slaves. Although this is all very good my wealth depends on my family's slaves. The american colonies defeated the British troops but there are still some major problems. There has been business confusion,bankers are regulated to lend money to anyone,I need to borrow some of the bank money to buy more land and buy more slaves but until there is ''stability'' the bank can't lone money to anyone.The people who speaker of equality,dose this mean they want my land to make me equal to them,the very thought frightens me. During the revolution I sold supplies to the federal government.


I am from a merchant family. I think that it is outrageous that people are paying their debts with corn cows and such.The legislative have to much power. Maybe those poor people shouldn't vote then we would not have this problem.In some states people get put in prison for not paying debs that is how it should be here.There are sill good news though I have just bought up thousands of dollars of government bonds from people. I pay them ten cents for every dollar of bonds they give me. Now they are doing a propose to get the bonds back and they pay in cash money. this was very exciting