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Reminders & Staff Absences

  • Next week we begin MAP testing. Please double check your schedule and let me know if there is a mistake or questions.
  • Next Friday is a PL/Work day. The agenda is below. Please come prepared and ready to learn! Breakfast will be Casey's Pizza, back by popular demand!
  • End of the year forms will begin going out next week. Here are some things to start thinking about: Pride of the Tribe (1 boy and 1 girl from every class), EOY Checklist, Talent Show Forms...etc.
  • Please complete the Needs Assessment survey sent out by the PL department, we value and use your input when planning for next year! Thank you!
  • Also, parent input forms are going out this week, please send these to the office if you receive any.

Every Staff member will receive a copy of their absences for this school year by the end of the day. I am also including district policy surrounding staff absences. This is only being provided to give you an awareness of where you are regarding personal absences and what the districts expectations are. If you have more than 8 absences and they are not coded as Family Illness, it might benefit you to have a conversation with me. Professional Learning, School Business...etc. do not count toward this 8. When I met with J last week, he gave me our school attendance and it was considerably high, especially Friday absences. Our teacher absenteeism rate is higher than our student absenteeism rate. Please review and reflect on your absences. Again, this data is being provided as a flashlight, not a hammer.

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Next Friday, April 15th Agenda


8:15-8:30: Breakfast

8:30-8:40: Grade level teams will pull up their PBL on a computer attached to a T.V. (bring your plan and be ready to pull it up! Everyone will need their device. Unit Plan is here.)

8:40-9:30: PBL Gallery Walk w/Feedback

9:30-10:30: Digital Citizenship-Getting Ready for Ignite

10:30-11:00: School Visit Share-Outs (AOE & Sherwood visits)

11:00-12:00: Build Class Lists for Next Year

The rest of the day is Professional Work


Here is what you need to know about Sequiota and SPARC Summer Camp:

  • Summer Camp begins on Friday, May 20th.
  • Morgan will begin using classrooms on Monday, May 23rd.
  • This year, SPARC will be using the 3-5 hallway, so K-2 classrooms will not be used at all.
  • The Gym, APR, Music, LIbrary, Ms. Popp & Ms. Collins rooms
  • If your room is listed above, anything you don't want SPARC to touch, PUT IT AWAY or cover it. We can store your furniture in another classroom....etc.
  • Summer Camp ends AUGUST 16th
  • The last day classrooms will be used will be August 3rd. From August 4th until the 16th, SPARC will utilize the APR, Makerspace, Library & Gym.
  • If it doesn't rain, they will be outside a lot and take field trips most afternoons from 12:30-3:30.
  • Morgan is asking all students to follow Sequiota playground rules during SPARC Summer Camp (a copy of our rules will be given to all SPARC staff). Thank you Morgan!


A.J. Wood is like a hidden treasure! A.J. is quiet but her hard work has NEVER gone unnoticed. A.J. is one of the hardest workers that I know. A.J. is a great teacher, friend and is very positive! You will never hear A.J. complain about anything. A.J. has been a great asset in working with Ethan and Kai this year! A.J. is a lifelong learner. A.J. is constantly looking for ways to improve or become better at whatever it is she is doing. A.J. is flexible and is willing to help out wherever doing whatever is needed! A.J. communicates well with parents and always puts the needs of her students first!

With this spotlight, comes some VERY GOOD and VERY SAD news....A.J.'s hard work has paid off and she has been offered the Special Education Teaching Position at Marion C. Early Elementary School in Morrisville for the 2016-2017 school year! We are soooooo happy for A.J. and will support her as she begins her teaching journey! This is not official yet, so this information is just for our Sequiota Family. Please congratulate A.J. as she embarks on a new adventure!

A.J., we are SO HAPPY for you, you have worked so hard and have earned every single part of this position! Everyone clap along......!!!!!! This one's for you A.J., we are HAPPY for you!

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

LIbrary Update

The last week for students to check out books is April 25-29. All books will be due back to the library May 6th. Teachers may check out books up until the last day.


You can access the responses from the survey HERE

What are our next steps based on this feedback?

      • Do a clock check-I will do an intercom announcement at 9:00 a.m. next week and have everyone check their clock to determine if fast/slow. Teachers will then record the # of minutes the clock is off and email Glenn and ask him to fix it (if teacher is unable to reach).

      • Crystal will have a conversation with Tori and ask her to remind committee chairs that even on days like “Fun Night” the workroom should not be used. Also, remind committee’s to check with Melba to reserve library...etc. Remind parents to schedule a time with the teacher rather than barge into the classroom to see their child/ask teacher a question, or email.

      • Don’t forget to check Employee Self Service under training opportunities. There are SEVERAL training's available for teachers (several teachers attended the most recent “Appy Hour”).

      • Honor Roll’s-we have started giving them out in Pow-Wow to shorten assemblies. Once we move to Standards Based Grading we will not have an honor roll, so this will stop after this year (not sure when Standards Based Grading will be officially adopted)...

      • Walkies-we will work on this. Once we moved to the new office, it seems as if there is a “dead spot” in the office and people are unable to hear.

      • Intercom-we have had them come out several times-we will revisit.

      • If you need to call the office, please use the “office button” on your phone. The intercom makes a loud noise that sounds just like the buzzer. Melba has no idea who is calling...etc.

      • I will review dismissal norms in Magers Memo-it is most likely time for a reminder.

      • I will remind parents that if their child is going home with another student, they need to send a note. TEACHERS: PLEASE SEND THE NOTE IN THE CHILD’S HAND-NOT IN THE BACKPACK) TO DISMISSAL WITH THE CHILD SO CAR LINE STAFF WILL KNOW. I will remind parents in the Scoop that if a note is not sent, we will not dismiss the child.

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