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This was a decrease compared to the year before, but a higher proportion than for credit card payments in shops. INCREASED INTERNATIONAL FOCUS ON ABUSE In recent years, at international level has been increased focus the importance recharge api application of secure payment methods on the Internet. The risk of st Quarter, Part increased fraud of this type of payment is that consumers and businesses refrain from acting on the web. This may mean that some of the benefits of trade on the Internet, for example, increased competition and increased product range are not met. There is no harmonized statistics on the extent of fraud by payments online. In Britain, which is home to many Internet businesses, it has declined since, following a marked increase in year before. The underlying of D Secure.
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Here operates a third party provider overlay service, a link between the Internet business and consumer banking. Payment is made by the consumer informs his bank account and online banking to the provider of the service, which then makes to complete the payment. Part Safe travels overlay services more questions. Firstly it must be clarified how to avoid that subsequently occur abuse of the consumer's online recharge api application banking information. By abuse may also be subject re uncertainty about who should be liable for mobile recharge online the loss, as it typically is part of the consumer's online banking agreement that such information must not be disclosed to third parties. The consumer may in some cases be completely unaware an overlay service is involved. Overlay services may also have advantages.
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It is done by establishing Secure Pay to coordinate the authorities' effort and promote a level playing field for payment service providers. The new forum is composed of authorities responsible for monitoring payments and overseeing the payment service providers. From Denmark participates National Bank and the FSA. Secure Pay is currently working with card payments on the Internet and payments through online banking. For both forms of payment mobile recharge online have prepared a draft recommendations for the enhancement of the security of payments, on confirmation of the payer's identity. The recommendations will be submitted for consultation before being formally adopted by the ECB's Governing Council, which is Secure Pays upper body. Services A payment form recharge api application on the Internet, which in recent years have particularly attracted the authorities' attention, is a variant of online banking payments called overlay services.
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The fraud with debit card online, however, constitute approximately half of total card fraud in the United Kingdom. In other countries, including mobile recharge online France, there has been to increase in this scam. Against this background, several authorities in the EU involved in the work to promote the security of payments online. It is primarily taken the form of opinions and recommendations aimed at banks and card companies. For example, the ECB recommended one-off for these payments were made standard. France, the relevant supervisory authority made a similar. The ECB has also taken the initiative to strengthen the European cooperation to improve security mobile recharge online for payments include the Internet.
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The main thing is that this type of service allows via its online banking to pay for the purchase of goods and services on the Internet in other countries. It is not possible at using existing Internet banking solutions in Europe that can only be used national payments. The ECB has in Europe to develop a common mobile recharge online European online banking solution, but the work hereby withdrawn. Several authorities have officially expressed concern about the prevalence of overlay services. For example, chose the Dutch central bank in behalf of the National Payments Council to point out a number of security flaws of this type payments.