Fisherman Kills Shark For Their Fin

Made By:Derin Shinto

250,000 Sharks Killed For Shark Fin Soup

Fisherman are catching Sharks and are cutting off sharks fin for something called Shark fin soup.Do you think it is worth it for eating shark fin soup and driving Sharks extinction?Shark fin soup has no benefits to human health.
Over 73 Million Sharks Killed Every Year for Fins

What Would Happen If Sharks Were Extinct

If sharks were extinct then these are the changes that might occur in the ecosystem

  • Overpopulation of some species
  • Causes of diseases(sharks feed of dead animals and prevent diesese)
  • The marine ecosystem will lose it balance
  • Food chain will be unbalanced

Two hundred and fifty million years ago this planet suffered tha largest mass extinction on record and scientists belive this was caused in part by catastophic changes in the ocean.Sharks play a keystone role ensuring our seas remain in a healthy.Sharks ensure us that that wont happen again

Saving Sharks

Helping Sharks

Do you want to save thousands of sharks that are driven to extinction?Then just click on of these links and donate to thousands of sharks that might be extinct in decades.