Union Labors

Jenna Von Ruden

United States

The United States didn't treat workers very good at all in the late 1800's. There was child labor, long work days, no work safety, or health insurance. Workers started getting frustrated with this leading them to form unions and protest against there employer of there jobs. One union that formed was the Knights of Labor. They were started in the late 1800's. It was formed by Philadelphia Tailors. It made it to 702,000 members, but by the end they were down to only 10,000 members. This made the employers mad and led to some violence. Many people lost there lives in this violence, but in the end things started turning around for these protesters. If these people would have never protested and fought for there rights workers would still be treated like they were back then. Now in the United States you have a certain amount of days you can have off without being fired. Most places have eight hour days or forty hour weeks. Work is also way safer now than it was back in the 1800's.


Wisconsin has very educated citizens, strong work place protection, and dedicated government officials. This would not be without the labor unions that formed in the later 1800's. One of the first unions that formed was The Knights of St. Crispin. They were from Milwaukee and there were about 50,000 members that were involved in this group. They protested to get eight hour work days, an end to child labor, work safety protection, and more. there were many fights and people dead, but without the people that joined the unions Wisconsin would have never have gotten better. Now in the state of Wisconsin there are eight hour workdays, and work safety, and health protection. The unions really helped Wisconsin labor laws. They now are national leaders in industry and agriculture.

Current State of Unions in Wisconsin and The United States

United States- 1) American Federation of Labor Congress of Industrial Organizations

2)Change to Win Federation

Both these organizations make sure that workers are being treated fairly and make sure the laws are still being enforced.

Wisconsin- There aren't any. If there are unions they have to be individually ran.