Wooranna Park Primary School

Grade 4 Wakakirri presents... "When Pages Come to Life"

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Frankston Arts Centre

Monday, Aug. 5th, 7:15pm

Davey St

Frankston, VIC


- Practising without lights on when inside and practising outdoors on basketball courts

- Playing music into mugs to project volume

- Communicated with parents and community about Wakakirri via email

- Buying in bulk to reduce packaging (face paint)

- Only buying items that we needed by conducting a waste audit

- Walked children home from practices instead of getting parents to pick them up

- Students were encouraged to refill water bottles instead of purchasing new ones

- Used mirrors for students to see their performance instead of recording

- All props, costumes and backdrops were transported in one bus


- Cardboard boxes were used for props

- Asked parents and school community to donate paint, costuming, props

- Reused costumes, face paint and make up from the Lorax production (2012) and clothes from home

- Reused gate from prep year level

- Material and clothes reused from Op Shops

- Reusing cardboard boxes and plastic bags to store costumes

- Newspaper for a painting dropsheet

- Sheets for dropsheets for changerooms

- Prop supplies from Ringwood Reverse Art Truck

- Sports bench from school used as a prop

- Main characters wearing school uniform

- All cardboard or paper props will be recycled

- Backdrops will be repainted for future performances

- Left over face paint will be used for future productions and dress up days at school

- Clothes racks donated to other year levels to use for dress ups


- Any props that are cardboard or paper and are destroyed and cannot be reused will be put in the recycling bin.


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