Indonesia & Australia

The difference between a Developed and Developing nation

Developing and Developed Nations: What's the difference?

There is a large difference between what is considered as a "developed" and a "developing" nation. One of the main and obvious reasons is the wealth of the nation.
If a nation is very wealthy and is in no debt to other countries, that nation is better off in the long run, and then the nation will go up in the chain. But if a nation is in debt, and doesn't have enough money, it might go towards a developing nation.
So, the difference between the two types of nations are the differences of what makes the nation what it is. Whether it is education, employment, economical, or geographical differences.

What is an Indicator?

An indicator is a certain aspect of a nation that depicts whether that nation is a developed or a developing nation. For example, one indicator is "improved water source". Depending on whether or not that nation has good water to drink, that percentage goes to that indicator and that contributes to the overall decision.

Indonesia: A Developing Nation

Indonesia is a developing nation. This nation is found right above Australia, around North-West of it. It is the fourth most populous nation, and has around 2 million square km of land. It is a developing nation as it isn't one of wealthiest or successful countries. Some of their indicators (an aspect of a certain part of a nation) that put Indonesia in the developing nation list include:

- 92% improved water source

- A low-medium life expectancy

- Low Health Expenditure of $77 (US currency)

- Low amount of technology

- The seperation line between "wealthy" and "poor" is very defined

Australia: A Developed Nation

Australia: A place of wonder, desert and wealth. Australia is a developed nation. With a low population compared to our huge land area ( Around 7.5 million km squared) and our isolation from other developed countries, Australia has a very good reputation for it. Indicators that contribute to it's status include:

- It's 100% improved water source

- Around 3/4 of the population technologically advanced

- A mortality rate (under 5 per 1000 births) of only 5

- A high life expectancy

- Health Expenditure of almost $5000 per person

GRAPHS: Comparisons Between The Two Types Of Nations


Well, with the information gathered on a developed and a developing nation, we can tell that there is a large difference in the way people live in those types of nations. Due to the graphs, we can tell that some indicators have dramatic differences between the two nations and that Australian would be a developed country, while Indonesia a developing country.
So, just because two nations are close to each other, it doesn't mean that they are in the same status.