I am Me

By: Akshar Patel

Playing sports for fun

The reason I play basketball is when I'm bored and so I can get taller than what I already am. I play football because it's my favorite sport to play my cousins and that way you can play a 3 VS. 3 or 4 VS. 4. Baseball is my last favorite sport because I feel like I'm more into baseball than any other sports. Another reason is that I watch baseball everyday with my dad at home.

Video-games for sure

The genre of games that I play is Racing,Sports,and Shooters. The games I play is Need For Speed,Halo,Call of Duty,Madden,and Midnight Club. By the way my favorite consoles are the original Xbox and the Xbox 360.

Reading is my third favorite hobby

The genres of the books I read are action/adventure,fantasy,mystery,and suspense. The specific series that I read are Harry Potter,Percy Jackson,Alex Rider,Lord of the Rings,and The Heroes of Olympus. Reading is what I do when when I'm not playing sports outside or playing video-games.

Watching comedy gamers for fun

The people that are comedian gamers are called Roosterteeth. The specific things they do are achievement guides for games, podcasts, and latest news for games and new technology. They're basically a group of teenagers who play the latest games and give news about the latest technology. Watching Roosterteeth makes my day.

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What would I do without food

My favorite food at home would be Indian food. And if I had to pick favorite food from outside,it would be Pizzas,Tacos,Pasta,French Fries, and especially Burritos. Food is amazing. We wouldn't live without food or water.

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