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The purpose of joining Spanish is to learn a semi-complicated language. The teacher, Mrs. Avila, is warm-hearted; however, don't get her mad. In addition, a few reasons as to why you should join Spanish is that, when you do you learn a new language. Also because of the following: interactive, challenging, and rewarding. Even though, it may seem easy; usually, what happens is that you start giving up. So, never give up on Spanish. Also, if you join you will find that keeping up with projects and the grammar will be difficult.


The purpose of joining athletics is to teach you to be fit, because coaches give you partly-difficult workouts. Additionally, athletics prepares you for future workouts: High School, College. Even though, reasons to join; also, include being in many sports, new friends, stay in shape, and you get to know the coaches. But on the other hand, you should be prepared for early morning practices, if you try out or make a team, which would be around 6:30. Besides, being prepared and trained you, also have to expect long-mile runs.
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