yogini bambini

a camp for the littlest of yogis

recognizing potential :: inspiring individuality

Your little yogi will sing their way through sun salutations, discover safe ways to stretch their muscles and move their bodies, develop a sense of inner self with guided visualizations and meditations, foster ways to expel energy and cultivate calm. We will bark our way through downward dog, flap our butterfly wings, and learn just about every animal pose in between! Mindful mandalas are just one of the creative crafts your yogi will explore. Join us for a camp nurturing the whole child!

THURSDAY, AUGUST 28th 9am-1pm



experienced preschool teacher

its yoga, kids! certified yoga instructor

3-6 yr olds


"yoga makes me braver than the sun" georgia, age 3

your yogi needs...

comfortable clothing.

a sweatshirt/layers for weather changes.

a packed lunch.

a water bottle.

sunscreen applied before camp/bottle to re-apply.

reach out!

contact me with any questions

please email for registration, space is limited!

feel free to share flyer!