JUNE Newsletter

June 1 2019

Mrs. Fortunato’s Message

The last month of the school year has arrived and we are as busy as ever! We are blessed with a week filled with celebrations of growth and accomplishments!

In keeping with tradition, the 7th grade parents and students will host a dinner for our 8th graders in the Parish Hall. During this dinner some of the 8th graders will be recognized for academic achievement and/or exemplary participation in the community. The following night the 8th graders will participate in a graduation Mass. The room moms for the preschoolers will end-of-year parties and Transitional Kindergarteners will graduate.

Please remember to check our "events" section on the school website. There are many opportunities to volunteer or participate in activities.

Spread the word- OPEN HOUSE, Monday June 3rd! 9 am


Upcoming Events Beyond Our School Day: **I encourage you to check the school's website under "Events" for opportunities to engage in our community.

8th Awards Dinner- Tuesday, June 4th- 6 pm

8th Graduation Mass- Wednesday, June 5th- 7 pm

Country Arch Nursing Home - Calling all Blue Knights of Christ in grades 4-8. We will donate our time and talent to the residents of Country Arch every Thursday from 4-5 pm. Spaces are limited. Please go to "Events" on the school's web site and register.

Transitional Kindergarten Graduation-Thursday, June 6th

Last of school-June 14- Early Dismissal.

Festival- Wednesday, June 19th- Sunday, June 23rd. Remember to buy tickets! They are discounted. The festival is a wonderful way to meet people in our church and school community. Please consider volunteering. You will have a blast!

**Please check Teacher Web Pages for other important dates!