Bullyproofing Youth

by Jim Bisenius

This special event is October 2nd

The students, staff, and parents of Longbranch have a unique opportunity to participate in programs by National Presenter, Jim Bisenius, courtesy of our PTA.

Jim's Website: http://bullyproofingyouth.com/trainings/

October 2 Events

In school: Primary and Intermediate Assemblies
After school: Staff training
6-7:30pm: Parent training

Student Assembly Info

Students will learn to identify the exact reactions that are looked for by kids who target others. They will then learn step-by-step how to alter their body-language and control their responses in order to eliminate these reactions and stop future bullying. During the assemblies students will also learn specifically what to do if they are being physically bullied.

Students who are 3rd grade and older will additionally learn how “popular appearing” bullies isolate, control, and manipulate their peers. They will then learn exactly what steps to take in order to stop them.

Staff Assembly Info

Teachers will learn how to intervene without making the situation worse for the targeted child. They will also learn objective methods of identifying the two different types of kids who target, and the two different types of kids who are targeted using the Anonymous Peer Rating Tool. They will then be trained in how to use this information to re-map their classrooms and buses to drastically reduce bullying opportunities between students. Teachers will also learn what parenting styles tend to produce each type of bully and victim behavior.

In addition to this, teachers will be trained in specific techniques that will foster connections between targeted students in their classrooms with healthy, non-bullying peers. They will also be trained step-by-step how to help parents of both kids who target, as well as those being targeted, to assist their children in resolving the bullying problem rather than making it worse. Social bullying and student clusters will also be discussed with specific methods of bringing kids on the social fringes into the social groups.

Parent Training Info

The parent anti-bullying training will cover exactly how to teach your child to respond to verbal bullying, physical bullying, social bullying, and group manipulation. Parents will walk away with concrete tools that they can immediately implement and help their child master in order to eliminate bullying from his or her life. Participants will learn specifically how “popular” bullies isolate, control and manipulate their peers. Then they will learn exactly what steps their son or daughter must take to stop them. In addition, parents will be able to use all of these techniques in their own life to deal with controlling or intimidating adults.