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Safety and Security Plans for Returning to School

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We want to share our plans for returning to school.

As we plan for our return to campus on August 24, we want to share some changes to procedures that will occur as we welcome Wildcats back to school. We have diligently planned policies and procedures to promote the safety of staff and students. We have marked specific doors for entry and exit, marked sidewalks to identify traffic flow, created safety measures to support social distancing, sanitary measures, and safety protocols. Our goal is to help everyone feel confident in returning to a safe campus.

While we realize that everyone has different opinions and perspectives, we have new policies and procedures in place to help everyone feel as safe and comfortable in returning to campus. We appreciate everyone's help in following the new plan. We are all in this together. #WildcatPride

Masks help stop the spread of germs.

Campus Buildings

  • Our sidewalks have been marked to direct traffic flow, while maintaining a six foot distance.
  • Every building at WCHS has doors labeled that are to be used for entry and exit

Arrival Procedures

  • Students arriving by bus will be dropped off in front of the gym
  • Buses will unload two at a time to limit student congregation
  • Students will need to quickly move to the cafeteria to grab their breakfast and eat it in their first period class
  • Students driving to campus will need to move quickly to the cafeteria to grab their breakfast and eat it it in their first period class
  • Students being dropped off will need to move quickly to the cafeteria to grab their breakfast and eat it in their first period class
  • Students who do not require breakfast will need to move quickly to their first period and not stop to congregate

Dismissal Procedures

  • Dismissal will be staggered at the end of the day in an attempt to prevent student congregation
  • Staff will be utilized to direct students to not congregate and move quickly to the bus loop, car loop, or student parking
  • Staff will remind students to wear masks and social distance at all times

Passing Periods

  • Doors are marked as Enter Only or Exit Only in each building and classroom and students will be directed to use the appropriate door
  • Hallways and sidewalks have paw prints and arrows directing the flow of traffic
  • Students are expected to wear masks, social distance, and follow the appropriately marked doors and traffic patterns
  • We have added one minute to each passing period and staff will monitor the hallways and common areas to direct students to move quickly between classes, as well as, wear masks and not congregate
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Cafeteria Expectations

  • Students are expected to enter the cafeteria through the side doors marked Enter Only
  • Students will follow the paw prints into the cafeteria that allow for social distancing
  • We have opened additional lunch lines in order to reduce the number of students congregating in one area
  • Students will grab their lunch and select to eat in the cafeteria, sun shade area, in front of the media, or between the PAC and gym. It is expected that students wear masks when not eating or drinking and sit six feet apart
  • Cafeteria seats will be labeled so that students are aware of appropriate distancing
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Student Parking

  • Students are expected to walk directly to breakfast, then class and not congregate in the parking lot or on campus
  • Students are expected to leave campus directly at dismissal and not congregate in the parking lot or on campus

Classroom Expectations

  • Teachers will utilize classroom spaces to keep students as far apart as possible
  • Students are expected to wear masks at all times, unless they move outside for a mask break, while staying far away from others
  • Students are expected to stay at their desks while in class
  • Each classroom has germicide for cleaning between periods

Safety Expectations

  • Students and staff are expected to wear masks at all times, practice safe, social distancing, wash their hands frequently, and SANITIZE, SANITIZE, SANITIZE
  • Teachers will direct students to use proper entry and exit doors, use germicide between each class, and remind students of wearing masks while socially distancing
  • We expect families to follow daily screeners as identified by the CDC
  • Please do not send sick students to school
  • Students who show signs of illness will be isolated in the clinic and a call will be made home for them to be picked up or allowed to leave on their own


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